stitchalong part two – leopard

According to my medeival bestiary the leopard is a tame and gentle creature whose only known enemy is the dragon. It amuses me to put them on opposite sides of the purse. This leopard’s colouring is based on that illustrated in the ms harley bestiary, but his shape is taken from the one in my Noah’s ark hanging as the bestiary leopard is not such a pleasing shape

pdfsStitchalong scans-4 Stitchalong scans-5 Stitchalong scans-6 Stitchalong scans-7

We’re going for a bit of an experiment with the laid work on his body- a bit of a modern twist to get the mottled effect of the bestiary leopard with a patchwork of colour. If you have a it you’ll have an individual key for laying out the colours, but you can swap them round a bit if you want too.

leopard blend

Lay all the threads down for the body in one go, as we will be couching over everything with a single colour to blend it (so don’t worry if it looks a bit odd at this stage, it will all tie togehter in the end). Allow the colours to bite into each other rather creating a definate line between them as this will enhance the blended effect.

leopard tail (2)

His tail is quite long and whippy, so you can practice curves

leopard couched

all the couching is done in one colour to bind the whole thing together. As you can see I’m going to a negative space eye again, but you may do a filled one if you prefer.

leopard outlined

Next his outline and eye. I love the way medeival leopards always look terminally glum, it’s like they’re the eeyores of  medeival art.

leopard spots

Spots and ridiculously large claws. I love the way the claws make his feet look huge – it’s like he’s wearing those novelty monster feet slippers.

Right, I’m going to leave it there and I’ll come back and do an edit with the finishing white lines later this evening. I have to dash out now and I seem to have lost that photo off my phone, so I’ll have to re-take it later. I promise I will do it by bedtime

~ by opusanglicanum on October 3, 2014.

7 Responses to “stitchalong part two – leopard”

  1. He’s very handsome and his face is marvellously glum. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished effect with the white highlights. I wasn’t intending to stitch this second beast, but I am very tempted now that I’ve seen him. I’ll have to revise the colours to suit what acrylic yarn I have left and/or what I can get hold of. Or throw all pretence of historical accuracy to the winds, scale him down a bit, and experiment with stitching him in something shiny instead.

  2. Your stitch-alongs are wonderful! I just wish I had the time and funds to participate.

  3. Thank you for sending me the leopard! I love spotty cats.

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