opusanglicanum article

I have a tutorial for an opus anglicanum face in this month’s edition of “mary hickmott’s new stitches”. The print edition was late going to press this month, but you can buy the digital edition


The threads are bought ones (the article gives details), but I have some of the ramie ground fabric over at my folksy, and I’ll list some of the silk background velvet tomorrow incase anyone wants some.

~ by opusanglicanum on October 16, 2014.

15 Responses to “opusanglicanum article”

  1. Wow – Is that single strand directional split stitch?

  2. That’s lovely. I shall keep a look out for the print version and grab a copy when I see it. I’m already a fan of Devere’s 06 silk but I’ve never tried working split-stitch faces with it, only chain stitch, so I hope I’ll pick up a few tips.

  3. Do you work the faces onto the end cloth directly or do you stitch the embroidery on the pale cloth and sew it onto the fancy velvet once done? I tried doing something myself and made a bit of a bodge of it as it was a little delicate and thought maybe I should ask the expert … Thanks for your help.

    • some of the originals seem to be worked directly onto velvet, but tis a right bugger. I sew directly onto two layers of very fine linen (ramie in this case) then apply it as a slip – directions are in the article

  4. That is stunning workmanship. What size is it?

  5. Lovely indeed!

  6. Hi Tanya
    I bought a copy of the magazine today and the article is wonderful, such clear instructions and diagrams. I wanted to stitch this piece as soon as I saw the original at your class at the Ashmoleum, hopefully, now I have had some practice on the class piece, I can.
    Looking forward to your next class in November.

  7. Congratulations!

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