Unicorn progress

Poor little Noah’s unicorn here got relegated to a project to work on at events, and has gone largely unmolested for the last year or so due to the fact that I mostly gossip, shop, and eat cake at events. But I did do some work on him this weekend at Nottingham. ( I will do a proper pics from the event post tomorrow once I’ve finished unpacking and washing stuff, because for once I took pics)




He still till needs the background couching finishing where I ran out of green thread, but is done enough to be able to get on with the outline.

apart from the fact that he looks a little demented and has a bit of an eighties poodle perm going on ( you can clearly see how I got better at the Celtic swirlies as I worked down his mane) I’m not sure about his knees.

When I posed the question “does my horny pony need swirly front knees?”, certain people got all properly horsey on me and called them hocks, but still the question remains- does my horny pony need swirly front knees?



~ by opusanglicanum on October 27, 2014.

10 Responses to “Unicorn progress”

  1. I think he might like swirly front knees – I also think he might like his back knees to have doubled swirls, not just a single one, as his other swirls are doubles. He’s very fine and is obviously very proud of his swirly, curly mane.

  2. I love all his swirls!

  3. I think he has a nice balance of swirls as is.

  4. Knees, or hocks,would be good. But then it’s another pose. You can make several, put them together and have a whole scene full of unicorns! Do it however you like. I think it’s a good design.

  5. I think swirly front knees would look good on him – lets face it who wouldn’t like swirly front knees. I know I would!!

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