imageimageA jolly nice time was had by me, and hopefully by everyone else. Tent looked splendid and we had excellent support from Julie’s group ( whose official name I can’t remember).

We are running out of room in there to display large embroideries though.




Although we we did have a few panics points- we only realised johns armour had been taken in a garage break in earlier this year the night before, but it didn’t matter because he had a rather splendid tunic to wear instead. Kids kept asking him all weekend what his favourite colour was, he told them to guess…

we decided not to have the royal bed in the tent this year but instead went for a private chapel to one side, made separate by the use of different coloured hangings



I always worry about about lighting the candles, but vigilance is worthwhile because they make everything look so pretty. Even if I am going to spend most of this week ironing beeswax out of the good linen.



Little  green cushion got his first official outing and was very disappointed when no one dared sit in the royal presence. Well, there was that one scallywag from the princes retinue who did a very impressive somersault over the barrier and sat on the throne whilst the king was on royal progress, but I walloped him and he ran away.



A special mention for loyal service by Carnac the suspiciously innocent looking page. I suspect that’s his ” I haven’t been eating any, honest guvnor” face. ( he did get all the leftover coins at packing up)

john got his face in the local paper, because he is the ultimate media whore

and john and I decided to sell the tent we never use so that we can spend the money on materials for another crown,  so that little girls can pose in it whilst having their photo taken with the king. It’s a later period but at the moment I’m thinking this one because it just screams princess



~ by opusanglicanum on October 28, 2014.

21 Responses to “Nottingham”

  1. Is that the crown that went with Blanche of Lancaster when she married the heir to the Holy Roman Emperor? Breathtaking..!

    • That’s the one. It’s basically a chassis with all the pretty bits riveted on though, am trying to think of it that way because it makes it seem more achievable. I have pics of the construction.

      The ultimate princess crown, innit? I think the main problem will be that it will need a constant attendant or little princesses will run off with it

  2. My little princess would definitely run off with that crown! Looks like you had a fabulous weekend and the tent interiors look wonderful.

  3. Oooh, looks like a great set-up and a great event. I am very jealous of you having not enough tent for your embroideries…

    *sigh* First, acquire tent…

    (And wow, yes! Perhaps a slightly less blingy crown, just so that you can have some hope of coming home with it?)

    • It’s taken me nearly twelve years to be almost happy with the way that big tent looks(still needs more silver) so I suggest you buy something smaller than 16 by 32, which is bigger than my living room.


  4. The tent in the background looks rather pathetic. Yours definitely deserves the attention!

    Now who would be nervy enough to steal John’s armour?? If they dare to wear it or sell it to someone who wears it to an event, wouldn’t you recognize it?

  5. Why do you have to be a little girl? Some of us bigger girls have unfulfilled crown and tiara fantasies!

  6. Your tent looked fab! Can’t believe it was your tent I was admiring while me and a friend were having a chat with one of the kings bodyguard! I’m gad you have a nice time, we really enjoyed our day out too.

  7. Yes, your tent is definitely the prettiest! Sumptuous!
    The crown looks like it’d be loads of fun to make. Just add a chain so it can be secured, and possibly release-dye in case of theft.

  8. Yes, that’s very nice, pretty and looks a lot more high medieval. Much better than the pathetic thing at Bannockburn.

    • Haven’t been to bannockburn for over a decade, but it always was a bit rough. I take it royalty wasn’t up to snuff?

      I must admit I haven’t tried to be too faithful to the reign of the lionheart, I’ve gone for sumptuous spectacle. I want it to be overwhelming, which is what a royal display should be, so even though each artefact is a faithful reproduction of an orignal piece, some bits are thirteenth or fourteenth century.

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