Yellow silk inspiration

It came to me at bedtime. Ever since jenny tiramanis book came out I’ve been fancying the pink silk waistcoat from the isham collection in the v and a



The he orignal is coral pink and blue. Coral pink is a dreadful colour on me, but yellow and blue happens to be one of my favourite colour combinations. I like the relative simplicity of this jacket, because although I can appreciate the skill that goes into the polychrome versions, I find them , like a lot of Stuart embroidery, overly fussy.

I’m even thinking I might make this my Christmas project this year, because I can easily freehand that pattern. Of course it means I’ll have to find an afternoon to make appropriate underpinnings so I can get the fit right.

And I already have spangles, all I need is blue como silk and a few ribbons…

and then I need some sort of clue what to do with the rest of it, because that jacket isn’t going to use up all four and a half metres

~ by opusanglicanum on November 1, 2014.

8 Responses to “Yellow silk inspiration”

  1. That’s a brilliant idea! It sounds like it’s going to be gorgeous.

  2. other people stick googly eyes and little red felt hats on pine cones for their Christmas project…you have to be different!!!
    Does look like a really flattering design and it would be spectacular in yellow silk. Agree that stuart embroidery can be very OTT for now, but judicious editing of the style would be lovely, and in fact there is a ‘luxury bohemian’ look ones sees that has aspects of it.
    You go girl!!!

  3. Wouldn’t it work to cover some kind of box? Add goldwork and pearls and voila… bling! And we can never have too much of that, can we?

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