Bleargh, I seem to have come home from TORM with a tummy bug, I probably shouldn’t have eaten the jelly babies, you never know whose fingers have been in the bowl…

I declared on the way down that I wasn’t going to buy any cloth this time. Gareth laughed derisivly, Lindy later laughed maniacly. Lindy is a cloth merchant

I did come home with some cloth, but it was a swapsie so it doesn’t really count…?

I also bought a skin of blue metallic leather for a tenner

torm leather

I feel another wallet coming on – and this will make a most splendid lining.

After much deliberation I also bought the most expensive sheepskin like, whoa, eva…

torm sheep

It’s icelandic and yummy and you don’t want to know how much it cost. It’s going to be the edgeing for my storytelling coat (I promise an update soon), however it is quite small so I shall have to cut as carefully as Queen Dido of Carthage*

Unfortunately my idiot cat has mistaken it for a long lost relative

bear and bro

I also treat myself to a pretty glass spindle whorl from Tillermans

torm spindle

as well as some beads for my Iron Age costume, and some silly spoons. Andy Kirkham also made me a fab new stainless steel stiletto with a pretty handle. I did try to persuade him to make some more in case the ladies at my classes would like one, but he basically said he didn’t want to. (For those of you who don’t know him, Kirk looks like a proper blacksmith, all muscles and stuff, and spends most of his time making big manly things out of big manly pieces of metal. I think the only reason he humours my requests for tinky winky little embroidery tools is that I give him cake)

torm bitss

* for those of you bereft of classical edumacation. Dido, (the queen, not the songstress so beloved of middle clarss dinner parties), was told she could found her city on as much land as she could contain within one oxhide, so she cleverly cut a continous loop from one hide and had more than enough for a bijoux newtown in the north african desert. It was all very jolly, because this was long before the days of ebola and the only Isis related shenanigans involved the occaisional devotee of the eygptian godess castrating themselves in ritual ecstasy (yeah, I could never quite make sense of that, and also, ouch). However, Dido would have been better off if there had been a HOme Office warning against travel to north africa because a certain Aeneas turned up, stole her heart and broke it, thus causing Dido to top herself. Thus began the history of strong independant women being idiots over good looking men.

It goes without saying that Dido was a silly cow because no man is worth killing yourself, most especially not Aeneas. Aeneas is lauded by Virgil as a hero and founder of the Roman state (all a literary ploy to link Rome to the glorious history of Troy so that the Emporer could claim all the credit), but actaully Aeneas was a complete prat. Throughout the book he uses the excuses of “Oh, terribly sorry,  can’t do anything properly heroic or manly right now because I’ve got a great destiny, don’t you know” Sorry, mate, but real men don’t abandon assorted family members and true loves to nasty deaths for such feeble excuses, they do the right thing and let destiny take care of itself because destiny’s a survivor that way.

Rant over. My A-level classics teacher said I wasn’t allowed to say any of that on the exam, feels good to get it off my chest at last.

~ by opusanglicanum on November 10, 2014.

13 Responses to “TORM”

  1. Knowing the ‘cutting the oxhide into a thin strip’ trick won me a quiz competition and some $$$. We got given a 10cm square piece of paper and the challenge was we had to get our team member through it.

    While everyone else was somewhat stumped I grabbed the scissors and started cutting, taped up the end and had it over my team member in about 2 min LOL

    The quiz master was somewhat surprised that someone actually knew the right answer and was expecting all sorts of stupid suggestions and was a bit flustered when I got it so quickly. Everyone else eventually caught on tho!

  2. Sad to hear you picked up some bug at TORM, but at least you got some good things there too. Although, I must admit: Cutting up that sheep skin – you’re more brave than I am (It’s a gorgeous skin and I would just snuggle it forever).

  3. I hope you’ll cut carefully enough to be able to trim a throne for a very important cat, as well as your storytelling coat. I enjoyed your sensible take on history. Thanks for showing us your new treasures – and please get well soon!

  4. *sigh* All you TORM-going people and your nice finery. I feel most bereft. (Although, I need more fabric like a hole in the head, so…)

    I look forward to seeing the storytelling coat (although I, too, would be far, far too terrified to cut up such a gorgeous sheepskin!).

    • I’m going to cut very very caaarefully.

      I never thought, I could have picked stuff up for you and handed it over at class

      • Nah, I mostly am sad because I missed out on hanging out with my group. I have far, far too much fabric and stuff at the moment. Do NOT need enabling to buy more! XD

      • you can never have enough fabric, what if there was a zombie apocalypse and it turned out the only thing that wards off zombies is fabric?

        it could happen

  5. I suspect a lot of us would have joined in your rant to the detriment of our grades. Literature is full of witless men and women doing silly things that make the plot work.

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