Oxford opus Anglicanum course.

Busy busy weekend- I’ll post about the knit and stitch tomorrow.

saturday was day three of the opus Anglicanum course at the ashmolean ( btw, we are thinking of running it again next year for those of you who missed out) and we were focusing on the goldwork.

Not everyone got the silk finishedimage due to vaimageimageimageimagerious reasons like injury and phds, so there are varying levels of completion here. I can’t quite remember which piece belongs to who all the time, cos I forgot to write things down, so speak up and claim!



We are still missing a picture of Jill’s piece, as she was sadly unable to attend due to a bad fall that landed her in hospital- her husband came and took her materials away though. Also I have to send Paulette re materials as she couldn’t make it either.

I have to say I was very impressed by how well people took to the underside couching, I think a couple of people may well be better at it than me *cough* those that can’t do teach* cough*



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  1. It was a great day spent with a group of really nice ladies. I have wanted to learn underside couching for a long time and this was the lesson I looked forward to the most. My silk is far from finished due to having other commitments making heavy demands on my time but I was pleased to have finished her face (started in the previous lesson). I think I have the largest area of underside couching to complete so it is a good thing that I am enjoying it. Mine is the lady with a halo doing some stitching.

    I thoroughly recommend the class to anyone considering taking it. Lots to be learnt here plus Tanya feeds you scrummy cakes and keeps you entertained with her quirky sense of humour.

    Thanks for a wonderful course, Tanya, I look forward to doing more with you.

  2. A wonderful group, indeed – fun for both teacher and students!

  3. These are excellent – I wish I could have been there too!

  4. Lovely course and nice to see everyone’s work again (including some that I evidently didn’t get around to seeing properly on Saturday).

    I, too, would thoroughly recommend the course to everyone – very generous with lots of quality materials provided (not to mention the tea and homemade cake/biscuits!). The tuition was excellent and there were lots of great examples and inspiration pieces (both Tanya’s own work and a large collection of books and images of extant historical pieces).

    Mine is the very unfinished lady with one blue sleeve.

    • Îts a very nice blue sleeve though, and I’m sure she’ll get another eventually. Jude is always keen that people shouldn’t have any surprise charges and wanted to include everything in the fee


  5. I also thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and would recommend them to anyone interested in this type of work, plus you get a fun tutor who gives great written instructions, so you have a reminder of everything that was taught.
    My piece is the lady with the bottle – is it poison or perfume? Tanya thinks she looks like a Borgia, so it’s probably poison. I have now completed the underside couching on this piece, but plan to do some more on another piece of work as I love this technique.
    Thank you Tanya for a great course, and for the cakes too, they were delicious.

  6. What threads are use for underside couching? I have had no luck uising regular couching threads, even doubled. The passing always cutsor braids them. I will not ever make it to the class as I live in the US

    • I use a fine 2ply linen, waxed, but it isn’t a brand. It will always break from time to time, but part of the problem may be the way you’re handling the thread, it’s under a lot of tension so you have to be gentle

  7. Ooh, you are an excellent teacher – because your students did excellent work! The seated woman has the nicest fabric folds, and I really like the trim at her neck and wrists.

  8. You’ll be coming to Australia shortly, of course. I promise I’ll train a kangaroo to make tea for you. (Wombats and koalas tend to drop the cups and platypus eat the tea leaves).
    Lovely drapery details on the clothes.

  9. The seated king is mine – not sure why he’s looking so sad when he’s got such a fabulous pair of shoes….
    Overall the course was excellent and most enjoyable. Thank you Tanya.

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