Harrogate knit and stitch

I’ve been meaning to post this all week, but I’ve been working obsessively at a Christmas present for Gareth, which I can’t show you in case he reads. It’s not that he ever reads my blog, you understand, but I mentioned that I might post about his present because he doesn’t read, and he said he would read if he thought it would spoil his surprise. This is why he is the most irritating man on the planet.

I’m also very behind on emails and comments, and I have three blog posts I need to do, aaaargh!

Anyway, Harrogate knit and stitch, to which I’d never been before. ( and if I go again I’m getting the train cos parking in Harrogate is a nightmare). Janice from Mary Hickmott’s new stitches got me a press pass and I was hoping there would be a press goodie bag, but they even forgot to give my free show guide. I think the ladies on the desk had had a long weekend.

the whole thing was bigger than I expected, and I think I would have liked two days to look as it was hard to take in. But on the whole it wasn’t the embroideries that caught my eye, apart from my eyes watering a bit when I saw how expensive things like gilded leathers were.

imageThis was the first thing that caught my eye, on the woven tapestry society stand. It’s titled textile production in the thirteenth century and uses the malterer embroidery as template – I love the little sheepies.

There was a lot of felt that I liked, especially the arseface, which I thought was very Lutrell psalter




And these lovely ladies gave me total hat envy. Not least because my face is all wrong for bowlers and toppers



Typically, the embroidery that caught my eye was historical. The embroideries guild had a display of stuff done during World War One.



I didn’t buy any embroidery supplies, but I did buy some spectacular braids which I intend to use on handbags



They were a bit pricey, so I only got a metre of each. They look amazing on silk velvet though, so they might be reet posh bags.

i also bought these bag closures, which look fun. I don’t have time to play at handbags before Christmas, too many presents to make, but look out January!



And finally there here was a lovely old french lady helping her son on a lace stand who loved my patchy scrap skirt so much she gave me this bag of flowers

imageI did buy some lace from her, but I’m not showing you that because it’s for naughty bedroom things, which are none of your business.

we are going to Harrogate Christmas fair today, so I might sneak in a visit to duttons. It would be rude not to pop in and say hello…


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7 Responses to “Harrogate knit and stitch”

  1. I know what you mean about Harrogate – it’s definitely a two day thing – there’s just so much to see and take in that you get mental indigestion trying to do it all in one.

  2. Glad you had fun there. I would love to go to Harrogate myself one day, but I know what I am like at resisting temptation in just a single embroidery shop…

    • I tend to find I buy less when there’s too much choice, but in this case it was more bag supplies that tempted me- fabric is cheaper at Boyes or leeds market, and I don’t really go for embroidery supplies since I either dye my own or buy direct from the manufacturer. I did buy a kit, but it’s a knitting one as a present for Gareth’s sister

  3. I don’t have a local embroidery shop, so Harrogate is my yearly chance to stock up on interesting materials – or, indeed, any. I go by train, and have taken to going for Thursday evening and Friday during the day.
    What you daren’t do if travelling by train is buy anything big and bulky like a sewing machine. Good thing I’ve got one, isn’t it!

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