Busy day

Gareth has converted the small front bedroom into a sewing room for me ( my whole house at home is my sewing room, but I need workspace at his place too). He made the table himself, which is nice



Its perfect for for the new sewing machine I can’t afford because my oven died this week and I have to replace that first ( grrrrr…obviously I didn’t realise it’s demise until I was cooking my dinner, and obviously dinner wasn’t something I could throw in a pan on the hob. Pasta and homemade sauce after work this week rather than yummy roast veggies).

and he made huge storage shelves, which can conveniently double as one of those Japanese pod hotels should the need arise.

yesterday we went out and bought a gazillion storage boxes before heading out to the Christmas fair at Harrogate. Today I have to sort all my stuff out. ( making me a sewing room isn’t quite the altruistic act it may first appear – Gareth wants the dining room back.)

those brown curtains will have to go, as well. I need to go shopping for something really bright and tasteless….Ooh! Maybe I could use up some more scraps and make curtains to match my skirt?

Oh, and Gareth has completely failed to appreciate the grumpypants I bought him. He says he already has an invisible pair he wears 24/7 ( I think branston has a pair as well)


~ by opusanglicanum on November 30, 2014.

6 Responses to “Busy day”

  1. Going green here – I would love to have a sewing room. We’re working on it, but other things keep getting in the way!

  2. Oh, I am so jealous. I live in clutter and need a workroom so badly.

  3. Patchwork curtains, yes! Lucky you , having your own sewing space is great.

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