nursey nursey


I made this recently because I’ve been doing a bit of world war one storytelling for my local museum at KIrkleatham. It was a story of my own invention weaving together the airbase at Marske three miles down the coast, and one of the early bases of the Royal Flying Corps, with the many, many associated crashes of one W. E. Johns who later went on to write the Biggles Saga (In his first week at Marske JOhns crashed into the north sea after shooting off his own front prop, crashed into a cliff at Sunderland because he’d somehow managed to miss Hartlepool, and crashed into his commanding officer, Gimlet’s, back door – not a euphemism) I also managed to name drop a few other local heroes and heroines, but I worked in many associated stories of war animals like sargeant stubby – partly because I know animal stories help engage children, and partly to engage myself, since I struggle with the whole concept ot war at the best of times.

When I told Gareth I needed to make a nurses uniform, his response was “Pwoar, nurses uniform!” I then explained that it was to be a somewhat voluminous world war one nurse uniform, to which his response was “Pwoar, NUrses unform!”

Men are wierd.

I couldn’t find any patterns, so this is not quite right – the top of the apron should have been more rounded, and it should have buttoned at the back of the apron rather than tying, I also misjudged the length of the shirt and it could have done with being shorter, but for a sunday afternoon effort I think it’s not too bad?

I also struggled a little to find enthusiasm for the outfit because

a) it’s just not my period

b) it’s blue and I look like a badly warmed up zombie in all shades of blue

c) it’s basically overalls, and overalls aren’t exciting.

Also, you see that ten foot tall bird of paradise plant in the background? Gareth made me drive from Leeds to Whitby to pick that thing up, it had to go into my little combi van sideways and I couldn’t see the passenger side wnig mirror unless Gareth lifted the thing up. I so made him buy dinner on the way home…

~ by opusanglicanum on December 2, 2014.

13 Responses to “nursey nursey”

  1. 😀

  2. LOL your last paragraph

  3. I’d love to see the story! I think the uniform is pretty good. At that time I’m not so sure that all of the uniforms were going to be so…well, uniform across the country. I’m sure there were variations depending upon from what area they came and who was using what pattern, and more importantly, who was able to actually get the fabric to make them. Unless you are going to hold it up to museum pieces, where even there you would probably find some variation, I think you’re good! I bet you and the story are a real hit! (No pun intended, my apologies to the plane)

    • when I tell stories I’m incapable of learning scripts, so all I ever have is bullet points, which really dont make very interesting reading, esp without the silly voices

  4. I think it’s a great effect for a Sunday afternoon effort! I managed to get rid of our huge bird of paradise plant to a local school for their entrance hall. Never realised until then quite how big our front room really was…

    • Gareth is obsessed with the things, he’s fairly certain he’s managed to reproduce a rare hybrid that flowered once and only once at kew in 190something, he says when it flowers it will make him famous

  5. Well, if you want to make your nurse uniform more ‘exciting’ then add some bloodstains. XD Or be Edith Cavell’s ghost, with bullet holes?

    Or dress as a woman working in a munitions factory, making gun shells and explosives – very dangerous work.

    And I’d like to hear that story, too!

  6. I had no idea the author of Biggles was so accident-prone!
    I think it’s an exceptionally good effort for not-your-period and put together in an afternoon!

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