Zodiac Gemini



I decided to to try finishing the Gemini I’d started, rather than starting again. I think the problem was that thing one had horrid piggy little eyes, and I’m much happier now I’ve adjusted them.

thats me, that is. Cept I tend to wear more clothes.

Still slightly disturbed by their little action man genitals though – I’ve retro- fitted Aquarius with pants.

family are coming for lunch on Sunday, so I’m all full of busy cooking and decorating. I decided this year to fill the little gap under the attic stairs( Gareth hasn’t got round to finishing it yet) with all my playmobils left over from previous years advent calenders.

i hadn’t realised I had a herd of riendeer and an army of santas…




~ by opusanglicanum on December 12, 2014.

7 Responses to “Zodiac Gemini”

  1. Christmas boxes are full of surprises, aren’t they!

  2. My brother’s (aged about 6) first job on getting an Action Man for Christmas was to remove his trousers to see if he was…anatomically accurate. Once it was ascertained that he was not, the Action Man was considered effeminate and my Barbie got to wear all his cool stuff. :o)

  3. You have me wondering where my son’s Playmobil Santa is now…. I only ever bought him one Playmobil calendar. He was used to the chocolate ones – so you can imagine his disgust with boxes that only contained plastic figures. I had to add chocolates to the remaining 23 to keep his interest. After that I went back to the chocolate calendars. I’m still buying them for him! He is 18. I am a Gemini btw 😊

    • I gave up on chocolate ones when I was about 18 because I opts my sweet tooth. I mean, I eat a lot of chocolate, but all high cocoa. I could get a hotel chocolate one thesec days, but I love playmobil

  4. My daughter likes the chocolate ones but she prefers the advent calendar I assemble for her. 24 little presents, more than half of them non-chocolate and a surprise every day. I think a playmobil one would be fun for her too.

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