Not embroidery

But it’s Christmassy, so there.

i had some little glass baubles on wire from paper chase, for decorating presies,( I often buy the little red berries you get in florists, and these were a bigger, shiner version) and they were pretty so I thought I’d splash out on a second box. I should add that I love decorating presents, but rarely buy things that would actually be glassified as giftwrap as I find it cheaper and prettier to raid the bargain buckets at the haberdashers, I also reuse stuff year after year because some people return the pretties.

but then when I was at paperchase I saw these



Which are basically the same baubles, but with hanging loops instead of wires, and in a box of 100…which works out about 30% of the price of the wired ones. So I got the big box.

and they’re so much more fun! Instead of just wiring a bunch of three into the centre of a bow, you can thread them and do this…


(I got a huge spool of that organza ribbon for two quid on leeds markets, enough to last years)Or this…



I’ve had a lot of fun this afternoon( I’ve also used some baubles wired- I just wired them myself with pipe cleaners). I’m also enjoying some £2 a metre shiny fabric from Boyes, which makes fabulous( and fabulously cheap) ribbon for larger parcels if you tear it roughly into strips



I do the pretty wrapping as much for my own pleasure as for the recipient, nicely wrapped presents set the tree off( I keep trying to hide the ones Gareth wraps round the back)


~ by opusanglicanum on December 20, 2014.

8 Responses to “Not embroidery”

  1. Argh! I still need to wrap mine, you are too organised!
    My pouch is almost finished by the way, a few final tweaks and two more braids is all that is left to do.

  2. I Christmas temped in Paperchase, I loved the tiny baubles, but I had to keep them all neat and perfect in their box….

  3. That looks like fun. I might try that next year!

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