Doctor who candle holder

I haven’t done any sewing of note these past two days, so instead I bring you one of Gareth’s Christmas presents…


I’m moderately pleased with it, although I want to make one minor adjustment before I send it off to be hallmarked, and it could do with more polishing.

It took me three evenings to draft the pattern( three rather tedious evenings because I’ve realised I don’t like drawing very much) about eight evenings were spent on the piercing, then another three on assembly and polishing.

Alas, the little adipose got chopped off because I’d overestimated the diameter of the glass tea light holder( which, by the way, was from skandium, and was therefore ridiculously expensive before I covered it in silver)

Sewing soon

~ by opusanglicanum on December 30, 2014.

15 Responses to “Doctor who candle holder”

  1. Love it – but I’m scaaared of cybermen. It’s a childhood thing – how they walk all in step, clunk clunk clunk. Gareth must be a brave boy! You too. (except you’re a girl)
    Happy New Year and may your stitching dreams for the coming year come true.

  2. Im with you on the cybermen Elmsley Rose. Watched from the safety of behind the piano so I must have been small – it was a narrow space. Happy New Year, Tania, Gareth, Branston and Hobes

  3. Even the theme music scared me when I was little. I’m not sure I would want flickering cybermen and weeping angels on my walls, but I do admire the work!

    • It was Jeff Wayne’s war of the worlds that scared the crap out of me. My nana found out I’d been sleeping on the floor directly below the bedroom window because I’d worked out that there was no way the Martian search beams could find me there( my bed had drawers underneath)

  4. Ooooh nice! 🙂 Do you like number 12? I haven’t seen the new season yet.

    • I do. Although I hated Matt smith so much that I think my dad’s Labrador could have done a better job. Capaldi can act ( a talent which eludes smith) and his doctor is nuanced even when the script lets him down

      • Woooow Matt failed you that much? I think he’s rather enjoyable at being himself actually. Much anticipating Capaldi and the new stories so will get the DVD as soon as its out. Happy new year btw! 🙂

      • That’s the problem, he was being himself, and I found him highly irritating.

        Happy new year

  5. Nice to meet you. Looking forward to reading your posts

  6. This is gorgeous – your talents know no bounds. Makes my Anna Calvi doll look pathetic.

  7. […] designs ( a dragon, the fellowship of the ring, rockside) and I’m much happier with the .Doctor who that I did. Trouble is they’re an expensive thing to make because the glass inserts are over […]

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