Fettled it

At least I think I have.

The problem was that the basic pattern, although relatively simple in itself, is laid out both as a meander and upon a grid. I had missed the grid on first perusal, so for the next piece I’ve tacked the satin and backing linen in a basic grid. It’s been a busy few days so I haven’t done much, but even so I’m finding the whole thing much easier to keep track of.


I also finished the other bit


Next weekend I’m mostly going to be drafting a large wall hanging based on Lutrell beasties, which I’ve been desperate to start for months. That will be worked at my place, and then I can ring the changes by working on this the weekends I’m at Gareth’s.

I’m also desperate to play with my new bernina, so I’m hoping I can make a new dressing gown next weekend as well

~ by opusanglicanum on January 4, 2015.

4 Responses to “Fettled it”

  1. I see now – yes, it should be altogether easier to keep track of the pattern on a grid.

  2. I just love reading your page and following your work. I would be interested in attending a course but that depends on days and times. If you send me your address I will answer obediently on a postcard.
    Anne Ryan

    • Hi Anne,

      I’ll be doing a post soon with the first lot of courses (one day ones) once the bookings go online – you dont book via me but by the venue, and I’ll do the same once we decide what the dates are to be for a three day course

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