First project with my shiny new bernina

I’ve been wanting to make myself a new dressing gown since last summer, but put it off because the old machine just couldn’t have coped with towelling.

The necessity to make a dressing gown rather than just buying one has been promoted by the high streets collective decision to make all the dressing gowns out of synthetic fleece rather than cotton towelling. I mean really, how do they expect a person of my refined sensibilities to cope with wearing synthetics!?! ~ flounces in best diva fashion~

Anyway, last summer I found two matching, and extremely garish beach towels for three quid each, so…


Now, you might be running, screaming and eyeballs-a-bleeding from your monitor, but I really like that, I do.

Although now I’m quite tempted to splash out on a couple of minion towels I saw on ebay because a minion dressing gown would be just awesome.

And is this just me being slow on the uptake realising that pipe cleaners are ten times better for cleaning your sewing machine than those stupid little brushes?

Also, because we’ve finally consumed the cake mountain left over from Christmas, I got to play with my new dinosaur cake moulds. I need a bit of practice, both at filling the moulds and icing the finished product, but raaaar!


And in other news, branston is less than impressed with Gareth’s new Lego pet shop. He’s saysth ey don’t sell dreamies


~ by opusanglicanum on January 10, 2015.

24 Responses to “First project with my shiny new bernina”

  1. I use pipecleaners myself, got some in a craft-paper pack and figured out they’re great for removing lint from sewing machines. The other option that often gets used in my quilt group are q-tips, which work well but are less versatile than pipecleaner, in my opinion.
    And I do like your dressing gown!

  2. I’ve seen far brighter, and far more eyeball-assaulting than that dressing-gown. In fact, I rather like it, too. More ideas – if only I could squeeze 50 hours into the day!

  3. I like it too, although i wouldnt do that for me, much too conservative. I’ve actually been searching for a full length satin dressing gown, as its summer here, but now you maybhave given me the inspiration to see if my stash of satin/linings are suitable. Thanks!

    • I’ll look forward to seeing what you come up with. I’ve always wanted to make a ridiculously full dove grey houppenlande from chiffon for swanning round the house, cept I fear branston would shred it in thirty seconds or less

  4. Love the dressing gown! I think you should make a stab at the minion version as well 🙂

    Love the cake dinos! What fun that must be 🙂

    • The Dino’s were quite fiddly, and it’s hard to stop them exploding out of the mould as the cake rises( a couple are a bit Perkier than they ought to be) I definitely need more practice

  5. I like your dressing gown. It’s very colorful but it looks like these colors are matching very well and therefore no eyeball-bleeding 🙂 (I can’t find the right words at 11 pm…).

    How big (or tiny) are these dinosaurs? They look wonderful (and yummy).

  6. That dressing gown looks cosy and cheerful and it will be a good dryer – what more could you want after a bath? Fleecy ones are great for warmth, but rubbish for bathroom duties.
    It would be great to have a cat-sized sleeping place behind the pet shop with an open window on the first floor for Branston’s head to look out through.

  7. What a great idea to use the towels for fabric for your dressing gown. And most excellent it is too. Even better that it cost £6! I love Gareth’s LEGO Pet Shop, even if Branston doesn’t.

    • It seemed the best way to experiment with towelling, and I’m quite happy with the result. Gareth’s building a Parisian cafe this year- we have a rule that he has to finish last Christmases set before twelfth night or he’s not allowed to open the new one

  8. Loving that dressing gown, so practical! And the dinosaur cake molds are too cute!

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