Lutrell fantasy number one, draft

I spent most of the weekend drafting out a new big piece of embroidery. I’ve been champing at the bit since last year to start on this, but what with classes and what have you I just couldn’t. However i decided to neither teach nor write until after Easter because it’s important for my mental health to do me me me stuff for a bit.

I’m calling this Lutrell fantasy number one because there are so many other little wierdities I want to play with, and I’m certain that there will eventually be more than one of these.

I’ve used some wool I bought yesterday from bonds in farsley, which is hainsworths wool mattress ticking. It has a satiny finish and gorgeous drape, and when I experimented yesterday it embroidered well.

The cloth was fixed to the dining room table with masking tape, which held quite well in spite of me sitting on top of it and moving about. I had originally intended to draw the whole thing out on paper and then transfer it, but in the end, being the lazy cow that I am, I just drew it straight onto the cloth.

That, and the fact it’s about two and a half feet by six, cos that would have been a lot of paper.

We had a terrible problem photographing the finished cartoon though, as I tend to mark fabric quite lightly, so Gareth had to photoshop it a bit to show anything.


I’m not deluded enough to think I’ll get a lot done this month, what with making Gareth’s birthday present and doing my tax return, but I’ve made a start…

~ by opusanglicanum on January 12, 2015.

12 Responses to “Lutrell fantasy number one, draft”

  1. Ack thats grainy. With all I know about files and image detail I would love to help, Given copyright and intellectual property you are smart to stay grainy.

  2. Looks great! – are you going to tease us with little glimpses along the way and then a big reveal at the end? Enjoy!! x

  3. At two and a half by six, that is going to be a piece with Personality, that’s for sure. I’m feeling much better about the various large pieces I’m planning, knowing that I’m not the only one!

    • I find large pieces really relaxing, cos once theyre all drawn onto the fabric its nice and brainless and I can just sit and get on with it. things get hard when you have to use your brain, specially at the end of a working day

  4. a BIG bunch of wonderful weirdies for you to have fun with. This will be fascinating to watch progressing.

  5. I love that you just go for it and draw right on the fabric, somehow i think it gives the final product so much more personality. Looking forward to seeing your idea come to life!

  6. If that’s your free hand drawing then bugger doing it on paper and transferring it!!

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