Plodding along

I really haven’t done much in the last week or so, I haven’t even finished blocking this first motif!

this one is particularly dense, though, and deliberately so, as I wanted to give some visual weight at the base of the composition – eventually the background here will be filed in, whereas the rest will have a white wool background.

It’s good to come home from work and have something relatively brainless to plod along with…



~ by opusanglicanum on January 22, 2015.

10 Responses to “Plodding along”

  1. Your “relative brainless” work looks nice, but I don’t really agree with the brainless part. Maybe that’s because I don’t have enough experience in laid and couched work as you do.

    • By brainless I mean that once a piece is all planned out I don’t have to make any major creative decisions. I can make minor ones about colour and such, but I find composition very tiring

      • Now I see what you mean with brainless. I also like that kind of brainless work. With the dragon I had a hard time every time I had to decide which color I should use next and it was fun again after that decision was made.

      • I found making the kits up for the stitchalong quite challenging to come up with all the different colour combinations and match then to peoples preferences

  2. I like the row of three little dancing devils.

  3. I agree about having something relatively brainless for the evenings, but I tend to go for canvaswork which has nice big holes for the needle!

    • I was struggling with light last week, because I ever so slightly blew up my old angle poise lamp that I’ve had for thirty years (teenage me decided it was a design classic and insisted one birthday). We were going to chuck it and buy a new one until we saw the price!!!! Gareth has fitted the old one with new innards and a super bright bulb, he doesn’t half swear a lot when he’s fixing things

  4. Beautiful work. I love the density of the stitches and such rich colours

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