Courses 2015

I’m at the Weald and downland museum again, for two days this time. One course is laid and couched work beasties with naturally dyed wool, the other is medieval appliqué in the style of the Tristram hangings. These are on the 18th and19th of April. I’m also doing a medieval appliqué course at the imc, leeds, on the 5th July, which is open to non delegates. To book speak to Marta Cobb at I also have days at the Ashmolean,  23rd May, basics of medieval goldwork 24th May, medieval border patterns in silk and gold 5th June, freehand Elizabethan blackwork 6th June, laid and couched work trees And the opus Anglicanum course is running again on the 27th June, 15th august, and26th September. image

~ by opusanglicanum on January 26, 2015.

9 Responses to “Courses 2015”

  1. Oh, to be there to participate! Sounds divine.

    • gareth keeps telling me if I worte a book I’ll have to tour the states like the tudor tailor girls, but I don’t wanna – I miss branston if I go away for more than three days!

  2. Thank you for posting these dates so soon. The Ashmolean dates are completely doable for me…if I know I have to be around on 15 August! How exciting.

  3. Would love to be there for the medieval beasties, unfortunately I’m so far in debt to uni it’s looking unlikely….

    • gareth and have both said numerous times that niether of us are sure we’d go to uni now if it meant incurring the level of debt. His best friend has a daughter going to vetinary college in london, they’ve already supported her for two years whilst she got enough work experience to get a place, and even though shes paying her own fees and maintenance they’re paying her accomodation bill – poor waynes in shock because he’s realised its enough money to buy an aston martin.

  4. You have a book coming out I heard through the grape vine. Can you tell me the subject? Will it be offered on your store still waiting for patterns to buy. Thank you! Sandra

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