holy flying prawns!

Since I’m temporarily stalled on the zodiac I had intended to use the Adel church collar as my handbag piece for the time being, but alas I picked up the wrong silks.

So becuase I really am completely incapable of doing a days work without something to fiddle with, I grabbed a leftover bit of tweed and a handfull of wool, and freehanded the small dragon that appears on one of the column capitals at Adel

adel prawn

Except, obviously, this particular interpretation of c12th dragon looks like a flying prawn…either that or he’s a representation of one of the Go’auld symbiotes from Stargate sg1…but mainly I think he’s a very fierce flying prawn.

ok, Branston has just confirmed he’s a flying prawn. Branston says he often dreams of flying prawns. In his dreams they fly in formation, straight into his waiting gob.

Well, at least we cleared that up.

I’m calling him gamba, becuase my knowledge of Spanish is based entirely up Breaking bad and the menu at my local Tapas bar. But mainly on the menu thing.

I think I’ll make him into a little pouch.

~ by opusanglicanum on February 5, 2015.

18 Responses to “holy flying prawns!”

  1. Good call!

  2. He’s really a fierce flying prawn. But I somehow like him.

  3. Fierce flying prawn sounds good to me!

  4. I love him, a fierce toothy winged battle prawn!

  5. I love prawns. Tonight I think I will have Branston’s dream of prawns flying in formation straight into my waiting gob. Failing that I will have prawn salad for my lunch tomorrow. Do prawns have fangs?

    • I’m not sure. Shortly after my dad lost his sight we were sitting in tapas bar and after he’d spat something out into his napkin he explained that prawn shells are a bit crunchy. I’ve watched my dad eat dog biscuits when he was drunk, he only thought they tasted funny, so prawn shells really must be crunchy( this was when the only blind he was was drunk)

  6. He looks markedly friendlier than the Go’auld, but I’m still glad of Branston’s confirmation that he’s a flying prawn!

    • Branston is an expert on all foods that are expensive. The vet once asked if he had any problems with his diet, to which I immediately responded, “well, he insists he doesn’t get enough fillet steaks and prawns” she sympathised

  7. I love him. Looks like a dragon to me – but then green = dragon in my universe.

  8. I love your cheerful, cheeky prawn, but I can’t think of anything clever to say about it – except that I’d love to see a whole flight of them.

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