I’m actually taking the first part of the year off from writing and teaching, but this was done last year, so…

This gets confusing, because it’s supposed to be available today at the interweave store


Except it doesn’t appear to be there yet, possibly because of the time difference. Any it’s meant to be on newstands from the 3rd, but I’m not sure when it’s available in Europe

~ by opusanglicanum on February 12, 2015.

8 Responses to “Piecework.”

  1. What is your project in this magazine? I assume it’s not the flower on the front cover.

  2. Publishing dates always cause confusion!

  3. Beautiful photo of your work, with the embroidery scissors etc. Yay, you!

  4. I just bought the March/April Piecework Magazine and found you! I enjoy history and love looking at and feeling textiles, especially those from the past with interesting historical context. I have never attempted needle arts myself due to little time and much fear of failure. But looking at your work especially in a subject area that I find fascinating makes me want to try. Sure wish that I had you sitting by my side! I will be following your blog.

    • You could try the stitchalong project ( if you click on the icon it will take you to free pdfs etc) or if you’re in the uk( ironbridge?) I’m teaching some beginner classes at oxford and the Weald and downland museums( there’s a sidebar clicky for those too)

      Welcome anyhow

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