I am allowed a treat

But I was greedy and got two treats because I couldn’t make my mind up. I am allowed because,

– I’m cheering myself up because I’m spending the day in hospital tomorrow having a general anaesthetic to get my bad tooth removed (medicinal post op veg soup is freshly made and stowed in the fridge)

– I’m fortunate enough to be English so the lovely nhs is doing the op for free and I don’t need to remortgage my house to pay for it. They were even nice enough to schedule it for a week when I’m not working

– mr Cameron raised the personal tax allowance to a much more reasonable level, so that paying my tax bill last month wasn’t crippling, I’m many hundreds of pounds better off than usual despite not having a brilliant year.

– the pound is really strong against the euro right now.( this came from sartor in Czechoslovakia)

So I cheered myself up with….


This is a replica of a c12th Sicilian fabric, and it’s only a small piece which a bought specifically to slice up into decorative bands on a wool dress. For nearly fifteen years I’ve been craving a late twelfth/ early thirteenth century close sleeved frock with broad horizontal stripes. To be honest it’s a bit naughty, given the connotations of stripes and the fact that the style appears to be largely masculine, but I’m feeling a bit soddit, so.

I had originally thought to use it with some rather luscious camel coloured hainsworths wool I picked up for peanuts a few weeks ago, but


As you can see it just doesn’t look right. The gold of the beasts ( and I really can’t decide if I want brown beasts on gold or gold beasts on brown) is much more rich and orangey than it appears on my monitor – I thought it was a pale gold when I ordered it.


So now I’m looking at it with the other bit of peanut cheap hainsworths I got. The green is a smaller piece, but it will make a dress if I cut with care. I think I’ll cut the green this afternoon so that I can have some nice plain seams to sew if I feel groggy for the next few days. I’ll leave the silk until I’m ready to apply it, because although I’ll hand sew it to the frock I think I’ll overlock the cut edges of each strip.

Unless I can think of something better to do with them ann rippin might be getting a large parcel of silk strips because there isn’t enough gap between the beasts to avoid waste – I will get one application strip for each two rows of beasts.

My other treat was this


Which is large enough for a frock, the pattern is thirteenth century. The description said blue, but it looked very purple, and thankfully it is quite purple.

Other people look lovely in blue. I look like a badly warmed up zombie in blue. In purple I’m magnificent.

Again, I can’t decide which way up I like this, but I’m leaning towards gold birdies.


I was wondering if it went with the embroidered collar, which I’m almost finished. I did buy some sage green wool for the collar to go with, but I’m beginning to think the wool is more suited to a cloak as it’s quite bulky, so I was wondering about using the collar with this. I’m beginning to think that particular bit of embroidery really doesn’t go with anything though.

I am itching to get my scissors into that green wool now. Yup, green and gold, that works for me!

~ by opusanglicanum on February 16, 2015.

18 Responses to “I am allowed a treat”

  1. You are so lucky getting to use this stuff and having something practical to do with it. You deserve the treat. Good luck with the op.

    • I’ve already started laying with the green and brown. I’m feeling quite accomplished cos this style of gown normally takes me three and a half metres to cut and I only had two and a half of the green – better hope it fits around the bust!

  2. Good luck for tomorrow.

  3. Good luck, and a speedy recovery.

  4. Well earned treats! Hope the op goes well tomorrow. Helpful advice from my dad is that you come out of general anaesthetic in the same frame of mind as you went under. Over the last 4 generals I’ve had, it’s been true!! Hope you recover very soon. :o)

    • I shall try and bear it in mind. I’m not due at the hospital til one and were planning a quick to the fabric stall on the market on the way ( I want to look for stuff for a farm shirt for dad) so hopefully that will put me in a good mood

  5. Life will be so much sweeter without the bad tooth – it’s worth any minor unpleasantness for a few days after the op. (I had one out a couple of years ago under a general anaesthetic in hospital and it was a breeze – far less discomfort than I expected from a very awkwardly compacted wisdom tooth, and nothing like the stress of dental work with injections and drilling.)
    Your fabrics look stunning. Flamboyant. Enjoy planning the clothes.

    • I honestly can’t wait to be rid of the bloody thing, I’m sick of the low level pain and I think that the fact it keeps accessing is hitting my immune system. I think I’ll just feel better without it

  6. Good luck with your surgery tomorrow. Your life will be better without the bad tooth.

    And I agree with you, the gold/brown fabric works really great with the green.

  7. What lovely fabrics, however they end up being used. Best of luck tomorrow.

  8. Oh, I want some of those fabric, I want it now! Beasties!
    You do realise only an obsessive stitcher would be thinking of setting up some plain seams/easy work to stitch while unwell? LOL. I do the same thing. There *must* be some stitching work on hand, or else…it’s just wrong.

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