I couldn’t resist starting to play on Monday

I’m really pleased with the way the pattern breaks down into a border, and the couched blue silk looks good. I’ve done the appliqué on the sleeves and will do the upper body, but leave the bands on the skirts until the whole thing is assembled.

I’m thinking that around the neck I’ll couch gold thread instead of the blue silk.

I’m allowed a couple of sofa days post-op, so I might get a fair bit done between naps. They took out the bad tooth and I have to admit I was relieved when I woke up and they said they’d also taken out my upper wisdom teeth because one of them had been chewing the inside of my face.

Apparently throwing up after dental surgery is a thing, that was yucky. I thought I’d finished but then we had the worst taxi drive home. Not only was there still traffic in central leeds at eight, but the driver was awful, he only knew accelerate and brake, so it was lurch, lurch lurch all the way- so I threw up again when I got in. Even Gareth looked a bit green, he’s used to my driving. ( Carl, who fixes my van, had a rant about the boy racers whose brakes he changes at every service, and said he wished he had more female customers, because ” you never actually use your brakes, do you?)

Gareth is meant to be checking I’m responsive every ten minutes, which he is failing at because I haven’t seen him for an hour. He’s also meant to keep me away from the cooker and the kettle, which he’s also failing at because he didn’t even notice when I woke up starving at midnight and made myself a baby bear bowl of porridge.

Nurse branston supervised though. He says giving out cat treats is good therapy for poorly monkeys

~ by opusanglicanum on February 18, 2015.

16 Responses to “Playing”

  1. Please tell me Branston has a little outfit… Hope you feel much better soon.

  2. Glad you’re on the road to recovery and have something as gorgeous as that fabric to keep you out of mischief along the way!

  3. Those borders do look as though they were always intended to be borders, don’t they? I’m glad the op went well and you got three out for the discomfort of one. Now that’s what I call a special offer!

    • I’m really pleased with the fabric. I have to admit I was a bit nervous ordering it specifically to cut up, because it might not have worked, so I kind of had to take a deep breath and just try it

  4. Good to know you are recuperating – I’m glad to hear that Branston is keeping a supervisory eye on you!

  5. That’s really good news. I can understand that you’re relieved about the wisdom teeth, I got mine out with only local anaesthesia, and it was not really funny.

    Have fun with the sewing, it looks gorgeous from the picture.

  6. Your story really brought back some unpleasant memories, thanks for nought, lol. I’m happy for you that you lost the troublesome wisdom teeth too, I was one of the lucky ones who has had 3 (at age 66 I still have one) who lost them with local anaesthetic. I can also relate to your absent carer – twice I had stopped breathing after surgery so on the third occasion I arranged for my Dearly Beloved to sit up all night beside me to make sure I didn’t die again. At sometime in the early am I woke up to find him fast asleep!

    Stay well, and keep sewing. I love watching your progress.

    • Honestly the worst part, the most embarrassing bit, was I had to ask Gareth to put towels on the bed cos I felt so floppy after the anaesthetic that I was convinced I was going to wet the bed. I didn’t, but I didn’t feel in control of my body afterwards, and that was wierd. I had memories of a very well behaved cat accidentally weeing all over me after a general- I think that’s what set me thinking!

  7. oh baby! I hope you are all totally better now.
    The couched blue looks really great.

    • Well, I had a gammon steak in the pub on Saturday and chewed it like a growed up, and I can go a whole day without painkillers, so…

      • I don’t know what a gammon steak is (well cured ham??) but …. yay! You’ll be tearing into a roo steak next with your choppers! (they can be tough)

      • Yes, big thick slice of ham, traditionally served grilled with egg( pineapple if you’re a sick weirdo)

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