Saturday survey

I need a bit of a second opinion. I need to make john a semi circular cloak for when he’s being king. I have this silkimage

Which is perhaps a tiny bit Victorian gothic revival, but it’s in my stash so it will have to do. It will break down nicely into a ten inch wide border to go all the way around the cloak. But…

What do we think of that camel/ toffee coloured hainsworths wool to go with? In the flesh it’s more like a dark mustard)

It’s lovely quality and I was thinking it would tone with the gold in the silk, but am worried it’s all…not right


*edit* having laid the silk out flat am now also prepared too consider just making a silk cloak…hmmmm…

~ by opusanglicanum on February 28, 2015.

17 Responses to “Saturday survey”

  1. Photos always seem to screw up colours, so it’s hard to be sure, but the way it looks to me, I probably wouldn’t use it – having said that, I am no expert on colour – do what your guts tell you.

  2. It’s not working for me but I am not a colour expert either. I think if your instinct is it’s not right, then it probably isn’t! The wool is very nice, do you have other options to go with.

  3. I’m the same – even allowing for colours in the photo, and the monitor, I don’t see a happy combination of fabrics here.

  4. I found the red carpet very visually confusing. I couldn’t imagine how what your are proposing would look.
    So, in Photoshop, I made a canvas from the camel colour (making it more mustard like you described) and clone stamped the blue silk rondels onto it in the correct proportions. The result looks fab! Not what I expected (I was all set to try to find a polite way to say ‘that looks awful’.
    Wool would be warmer than silk too, and a plain blue silk lining could be a nice touch too… (just saying)

  5. Ill put the photoshop image in the Flickr gallery

  6. Another no vote from me. Even if I cover up the red carpet, to remove visual distraction, it doesn’t look great, at least from this photo.

  7. I’m not convinced by the mustard, I must admit, although colours online are not easily judged.

  8. I like it. The warm tone helps to lighten up the cool colors. It isn’t so much a contrast as it more like compliments it. There is a blending that adds depth to the color combo.

  9. Have looked at the photoshop… the main thing that pops at ME is that the camel doesn’t look like a very “upper class” COLOR, let alone “royal”. It doesn’t look particularly “rich” or like a hard-to-get color. to me, anyway. However, I know nothing about John or what kinds of colors he’s comfortable with or what period he usually wears. If he’s, say, a “fighting village or town blacksmith”, this might be just the thing. If he’s a “fighting artiste, or Python-style-upper-class-twit” (his personna, not HIM), the camel might be too plain? In which case the whole thing out of the blue silk might be a better fit with JOHN. You know him, I don’t. … hmm, I’m a bit confused, is “john” an SCA king-to-be? interesting if so, since the Spring Crown for Drachenwald isn’t until April 15… or is he a re-enactor of King John Plantagenet, Magna Carta “victim”?

    • I’ve already decided to go with all brocade, but you have just stated the frustrating thing about brown, or at least the perception of it. People see brown and think poor, but actaully brown, esp camels are devilish hard, and expensive, to dye – think of them less as brown and more as the fashionable tawny of the tudor period.

      H’es king richard, and a reenactor, definitely not SCA. JOhn is proud to be english, so swearing allegiance to a made up kingdom that claims england as it’s realm but calls it something else, well, I think the mere idea of it discomforts and feels vaguely insulting to a lot of native english, combined with our ingrained instincts of class juxtapostioned with the SCA use of titles is I think the main reason the SCA is a very minor player here.

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