More silk.

Byzantine style this time, bought from Finland.

To be honest I just grabbed what there was without thinking what to do with it because I’ve never seen anything of this style and date available before.

It’s very crisp, stiff silk, in very narrow ( 30cm) widths. But the pieces are small- the red one is the biggest at 175 cm. I’m toying with the idea of using the red as a long border on a posh cloak, possibly with added pearls, and I’m wondering if the black could be a copper gate cap?

I think I need to leave them on my workbench for a bit until they talk to me.

Gareth made me go out to his tropical house to smell a flower as soon as I got in. He said I was allowed to smell it from outside the greenhouse. He’s been growing carrion Lillie’s again…

~ by opusanglicanum on March 5, 2015.

13 Responses to “More silk.”

  1. Those are very pretty things, especially the dark blue with red circles.

  2. They look really beautiful – are the designs woven or printed? Did you buy them in Finland? Cap sounds like a great use for the black. I’m pea green with envy!!

  3. I’m sure they will talk to you soon. They don’t look to be the sorts of pieces to be shy and retiring!

  4. Under no account tell Gareth about this – – this was this weekend just past. Another news source I read about it said it grows 5-10cm a day. If I were to have visited it, I would have been keeping a very very close eye on it to make sure it stayed in the same spot and did not respond to the name “Triffid”.

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