Finished frock

Apologies, I’m just pipping this one under the post of my weekly posting rule. I finished the green dress, yay!

I did wear it on Sunday at torm, although it still needs a good going over with the lint roller, which I appear to have put somewhere “safe”. I suspect it also looks far more flattering on the dummy than it does on me- her boobs are less protuberant for a start.

Overall I think the shoulder bands were the right decision, not necessarily the flattering decision, but the more authentic one


The brooch is one I made aaaages ago, but it does make a statement – that statement largely being “eff orf you grubby little peasant”. I think I’m going to go back and put two tiny eyelets in the dress for the pin though, the wieght of a lot of my jewels means they have rather sturdy pins and a few of my older frocks are looking a bit battered round the necks.


I also need to recondition my belt, as a few of the mounts are loose. I’m thinking I’ll go plain brown leather next time as the current green was chosen to contrast my red dress, brown would work for both. The mounts are based on the funeral effigy of…actually I can’t remember if it was Eleanor of Aquitaine or berengaria of Navarre, I’m going to have check now. The buckle and chape are copied from old engravings of a buckle now lost due to looting during World War Two.

And I dug out one of my inspiration pics, a c13th Madonna. Her stripes are narrower, mine were dictated by the silk


And the reason I’ve not posted all week is that it just been one of those weeks. Tuesday I had a bump on the way to work and had to pay £240 to get a new radiator. Wednesday dad’s pickup got written off on the m one after seizing up and being hit by an artic( he was in the passenger seat and a friend was driving,) luckily he wasn’t hurt.

Friday I’d planned a day off and a leisurely drive to oxford for Saturdays study day, except I’d had to reschedule Tuesdays work so I didn’t set off until after dinner. I only got as far as Rotherham before the van ran warm, I didn’t let it overheat but nursed it to the holiday inn, where the staff were lovely and let me wait for rescue. Got relayed back to Gareth’s about half one Sunday morning and missed the study day.

I’ve spent the morning clearing stuff out of the van because the cylinder head gasket has gone and my dad and Carl, my van guru, don’t think it’s worth fixing, so I’m waiting to be picked up and taken to my new van. It’s a sort of interim van which I have to use until Carl and Margaret find something newer, but it gets me back to work Monday. At least it’s another vauxhall combo, bloody good little vans, combos, excellent mileage.

~ by opusanglicanum on March 22, 2015.

25 Responses to “Finished frock”

  1. It looks fantastic and I love your medieval jewellery – the belt looks great with the jewels standing out against the green of the belt and dress. Sounds like the vehicle week from hell. They’re great while they work…

  2. Lovely dress! I wish I’d been able to come to TORM to see it (and, of course, you!).

    Sorry to hear about your various vehicle troubles but glad to hear that your dad (and, presumably, friend) are alright.

  3. Sorry to hear that your week was so thoroughly jinxed, but on the plus side, the dress looks superb and the brooch suits it very well.

  4. It’s lovely. Glad that you are okay after an eventful week.

  5. What a thoroughly unpleasant week. I hope you have a good month or two to balance it out!

    • I did have fun winding gareth up by sugeesting that mercury must be in retrograde though, you can see steam start to come out of his little scientist ears if you so much as mention astrology

  6. It’s gorgeous! Between yours and Fru Aleydis’ new 12th c silk gown I’m really wishing I had time to make one too. Maybe next year or so.

    Sorry to hear about your crappy week. I hope next week will be a better one for you.

  7. Wow! I like your dress and the jewelry. It looks wonderful.
    I hope the cars of your family (and friends) won’t trouble you anymore in the near future.

  8. It is an absolutely lovely outfit. So gorgeous to see the stripy look done at the posh end of the spectrum too.

    • i think the history of stripes is interesting, probably not worn enough at the lower end of medeival as there are lots of references to rayed fabric

      • I’ve mostly seen it done around here at the lower end of the social spectrum, using wool with a stripe woven in! and only occasionaly. But we are at different ends of the world 🙂

  9. sorry for your rotten week, stuff happens, don’t have to like it though…
    The dress is really interesting, I read about textiles but to see them replicated authentically is so very interesting…well, its why I visit you!!

    • I managed not to get upset, but it was a very tiring week.

      to be honest the originals might have been striped fabric or could have been applied like this, bt since I can’t get nice striped fabric…

  10. […] I finished the green dress I was left with many many narrow strips of silk brocade- all with no heads and no feet. I gave most […]

  11. I know this has been up awhile but I only saw it on Facebook just not.

    That’s not my favorite shade of green, but otherwise the dress is stunning! Beautiful work *and* that “stepped out of an illuminated MS” look. One could hardly ask for more.

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