dyeing again

very little needlework is being done this week, as I’m doing some paperwork and tending my dye pots
2015 dye1
As you can see I’m dyeing some small pieces of cloth this time. These are the right size for the frames I use when teaching. It’s not stictly authentic to use a dyed background for laid and couched work, but strict authenticity isn’t a concern for many who attend, so I thought it would be fun to give people the option, here we have 2nd Iranian madder, 2nd cochineal, 2nd english madder, fustic, persian berries. However I won’t be including these dyed squares in the class materials allowances, I don’t think it’s unfair to ask that if anyone wants to use one they should contribute the price of an extra skien of thread to cover the cost of dyeing them.

The three small bundles next to the squares are fine wool for tablet weaving, and I’m only dyeing a hank of each for my own use, so they’re persian berries, 2nd Iranian madder, and first cochineal.

Next row down is lac, and insect dye I haven’t used before so I thought I’d give it a go. This is first and second wash. I haven’t bothered with a third wash as I’m planning to dye a large piece of cloth as grand finale, for which I’m using a cochineal bath that’s been sitting partially used in a 5 litre bottle these last few months – there isn’t enough strength in it to manage more than a blush on the cloth so I’m going to pad it out with all sorts of exhaust baths and see what I get.

Then we’ve got 2nd english madder, 2nd iranian madder, and third iranian madder. The first madder baths are going to be overdyed for darker browns (hopefully)

I’m kind of gald gareth isn’t here right now becuase the kitchen would drive his little ocd self batty. The need to keep things damp for subsequent overdyes means there are eight tubtrugs (brilliant things tubtrugs)full of various substances all over the floor and the only way to cross is to hop over them. At least Branston isn’t stupid enough to drink any of them. It’s only alum and various herbs, nothing really poisonous, but HObbes would drink it and then puke becuase he’s an idiot – he’s been drinking the muddy water from Gareth’s sacred lotus attempts every day, then puking on gareth’s office floor, every day.


then theres first and second cutch and some persian berries. I only dyed yellows to get greens, and I dont really need any more yellow, but the persian berries was so pretty I decided to save some.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 1, 2015.

4 Responses to “dyeing again”

  1. Dealing with daft animals certainly increases the challenges of dyeing fabric, doesn’t it!

    • mines very good with dyes, but he had me in hysterics the other night. we were playing, and he did a four foot backflip and landed with the corner of a piece of furniture right on his belly. my previous cat miss pickle died from an internal injury that went unnoticed until it was too late to do anything about it, so I was on the phone first thing. I’ve been monitoring him and he’s got no swellings and no blood in his stool so he’s ok.

      the vetinary nurse checked his records whilst we were on the phone, and seemed surprised, apparently most six year old cats don’t do four foot high backflips (it was about his fourth in five minutes) I had to explain that maine coons are mental…

  2. Lovely as ever. I am very jealous of your dyeing abilities One day, I might have a go at that (cause, y’know, I need another craft like a hole in the head…).

    • See, I don’t see dyeing so much as an activity as a means to an end. The process doesn’t fascinate me much as it’s generally no more interesting than making chicken stock

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