More dyeing

Mainly greens, which was all I dyed yellows for

My blues over were a bit patchy because they didn’t all get a second dip- I always fine a second dip evens blues up. But what I’m really please with is the top row, where I’ve got an honest to goodness grey, something I’ve never managed before. It’s oak and iron over dyed with blue, so bizarrely expensive for such a dull colour, but bloody useful.

Today I made Easter cupcakes for friends


They are- chocolate brownies with a choclate and sweet chestnut ganache, coffee pecan with mocha espresso ganache, coconut with dark chocolate coconut ganache, ginger with white chocolate lemon ganache, and almond with raspberry ganache.

I don’t do butter creams or those American style frostings, they’re far too sweet and sickly for my tastes, and everyone I know prefers these. Out of curiosity I sat down and worked it out, even the coconut one, which uses coconut cream with double cream and 72% dark choc, has considerably less calories and fat than a traditional buttercream, not to mention mine have considerably less sugar- esp the dark choc ones.

Gareth’s neighbour Beth is doing an internship with dr oetker at the moment, and was telling me that the two most popular recipes she’s done in the last month have been ones I’ve given her.

And branston seems to have come to terms with my new van. Yesterday I drove twenty miles with a sleepy little head on my knee, he woke up when we stopped at traffic lights and chatted at the birdies.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 3, 2015.

7 Responses to “More dyeing”

  1. Those lovely yarn colours tempt me far more than the cupcakes.

  2. I like the idea of frostings that aren’t sickly-sweet. I always find cupcakes a great disappointment, precisely because of that.

    • Try, 8 floz double cream, whipped very stiff, then add 8 oz 70% dark choc, melted, and a teacup full of thick salted caramel, or a small tin of sweetened chestnut purée, whip again til blended, pipe onto cakes

      Alternately, same amount of cream, but white chocolate and a jar of any sort of curd( lemon, passion fruit, raspberry) but the white version will need chilling for forty minutes or so cos it’s sloppier

  3. Both are delicious but the yarns are less fattening!!

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