Collar finished


Seriously cannot get a decent picture of the colours on this, it’s really rather pretty.

I decided to put three quatrefoils at the back for simplicity, since this part will be covered by a veil most of the time. The original intent was that all three would be sage green to tone with the border, but I ran out and couldn’t be faff end waiting for an order to arrive, so I did the other two in ivory and pink. I see this less as a cock up and more as a medieval solution to a medieval problem.

It’s not my best work, but it will look nice as what it was intended – a collar on a Norman frock.

Current favourite for the dress fabric is the camel hainsworths Melton you see to one side, although I shall defer judgement until next week as I’ll be veg dyeing a dress length of wool and if that looks nice I might go with that instead. The camel though has the virtue of not fighting with the embroidery, which almost everything else does. (I decided against the green diamond twill I bought specifically to go with this piece because I’ve decided it’s too coarse)

I’m going to keep the sleeves borders simple, just a yellow zigzag with the two shades of blue within, possibly with green foliage depending on how energetic I’m feeling.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 6, 2015.

14 Responses to “Collar finished”

  1. Oh, that’s really lovely! (Although, I’m never going to be able to see those two at the bottom as anything but ye olde medieval prawnies…).

  2. Pretty, colourful and interesting – what more could you ask?

  3. I love this! The faces are all a hoot. They might be intended to scare off evil somethings-or-other, but they just make me smile.

  4. This is really lovely. How long did it take to complete it?

    • I started it Christmas before last and worked on it for ten days or so, then set it aside, and I’ve been carrying it in my bag and finished it during breaks at work for the last few weeks

  5. Loving the closeup of this. Your little monsters are great and I particularly like the vicious mouth biting down on the body like the jaws of hell. Lovely!!

  6. Isn’t it strange that you can set out, choose colours and be quite sure that everything will go – and then when you’ve done the work, somehow it doesn’t. There should be a law against it!

  7. […] at a Norman event next weekend, and thought it would be nice to make a new dress using The ADel church collar, and The cloth I dyed to go with it. I have several Norman outfits, but they’re either a bit […]

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