When I finished the green dress I was left with many many narrow strips of silk brocade- all with no heads and no feet. I gave most of them away to other reenactors, because I’d rather see stuff used, and because I think using them gives people a chance to talk about the value of medieval textiles, re-use, piecing, and patronage.

I kept three strips, and I’ve just sewn two of them together…


Now, I had been thinking coppergate cap, as although the pattern is officially c12th, and therefore I little late for Viking, it’s quite Byzantine looking and is now quite jumbled up.

I really like it though, and am in the midst of assembling the lovers purse. I’m sort of thinking maybe I should trim it down and use it to line that.

~ by opusanglicanum on April 8, 2015.

6 Responses to “Indecision”

  1. Interesting – even minus heads and feet, those strips together create a great pattern.

  2. We don’t really understand just how valuable fabric used to be – or how imaginative they were with the pieces they had!

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