Tassels for lovers

Five posts in a week- can you tell I’ve been off work?

I’m trying to catch up on stuff as well as get ready for the Weald and downland classes next weekend( mainly skeins to twist, urgh!) so I’m finally trying to get the lovers purse put together,becuase after all, the embroidery has only been finished for a year or so.

To be honest I think the reason I’ve out it off for so long is because I find tassel making extremely tedious.

And medieval purses need lots of tassels.

A few years ago, somewhere on the internet and I can’t remember where, I saw an idea of how to make large amounts of pom-poms extremely quickly, so I decided to see if it could be adapted for tassels.

I started by winding a long loop of silk. I’m using como.


Then I tied it at spaces roughly the size of the tassels, leaving big long tails for attachment.


Then cutting between the ties


And tying the tops. This allowed me to make fourteen basic tassels in an hour, which isn’t bad going. I haven’t bothered making the tops too tidy.


Because the next stage is to work a little net of buttonhole stitch around the top of each, which tidies it up. I’ve so far managed to do thirteen of the twenty eight tassel tops. This bit is even more tedious than the actual tassels


I’ve also done fingerloop braids ready for assembling the purse. My first attempt came out horrid- it’s red blue and mint green, but it looks like red white and blue


So in the end I did blue with gold thread, which was an experiment because I’ve never done these braids with metal thread before ( it didn’t make life easier) using some antique metal heavy twist that I salvaged from an old costume about ten years ago.


~ by opusanglicanum on April 10, 2015.

3 Responses to “Tassels for lovers”

  1. Anything that speeds up that process has to be a good thing!

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