My weekend was one of petty frustrations. I spent days last week making braids and tassels so I could finally put the lovers purse together, only to fall victim to my own crappy measurements


I feel like a bit of a numpty because not only did I do the same thing on the other purse, but I failed to realise it until I’d cut the backing cloth. Luckily I’ve left a generous allowance so I’m going to have to add a narrow strip of curtain down either side. It’s not going to happen this week though, I’ve got to much else to do.

The other frustration was with the circlet I’ve been working on. I made a concerted effort on Saturday to finish setting the stones (there are 120, so it’s taken a while and I’ve been sick of sight of it on the bench whilst I set it aside for more urgent jobs). But I found one setting I wasn’t happy about, so I removed it and made a separate setting to be riveted on because you can’t solder silver after it’s been gilded( this is an absolutely period thing to do, and in fact later became the standard medieval way to set stones on a crown), but riveting it was a three hand job so I brought it to Gareth’s for some help…


Where, as you can see, we managed to bend it the point of being knackerded. So I have to go back to the workbench and make whole new rivet setting before I can finish the crown by setting the pearls round the edge.


~ by opusanglicanum on April 13, 2015.

7 Responses to “Grrrr…”

  1. Put it down to being one of those days – you’ve been making some great projects recently – excellent washbags, shirts, etc. The universe just needed to even things out a bit, so you can go back to being brilliant at stuff without further interruptions from Fate.

  2. Grrrrrr! How very frustrating!

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