I think it might have been the year before last that I began to experiment with making a replacement for my beloved carpet bag for weekends away.

I got as far as sewing together lots of braids into a big flat bit before I realised that the machine I had at the time just wasn’t up to the job.

I also hit a major snag with the bag feet. I ordered some from le prevo, only to find out once I had then that they needed a screw attachment which was sold separately. You’d think they would have mentioned the need for a second component when I ordered, you’d think this would count as basic customer service, but no.

I rang le prevo and tried to order some, but they said they needed to know which bag feet the screws were for. Now, considering they only sell one type of bag foot, I found this confusing, and I no longer had the invoice to check. You’d think le prevo would have been able to look up my order on thier computer, you’d think this would be basic customer service, but no. They gave me this district impression they’d rather I get stuffed.

I decided le prevo could go to hell and that they’d no longer count me as a customer because I cannot abide crap customer service.

And then I found some other bag feet at the Harrogate needlework show, so I had no excuse not to dig this out again.


The strap is red suedette wrapped around some heavy duty webbing. I got the bits out last week and poked them for a day or so, trying to remember what the heck I thought I as doing.

I would like to point out that I was pretty much clueless throughout.

I made some piping out of the red


And then sewed it around the ends of the bag after deciding that attempting to sew the bag together whilst dealing with piping would probably lead to a monumental temper tantrum.


Then I wiggled the end panel into place and sewed. There’s probably an easier way to do that bit, but like I said, clueless


Then I assembled the lining and began sewing the zip into place before remembering about the feet that had caused the whole project to grind to a halt in the first place.


I cut some board to size, made a hole or four, and popped the feet in.


These were nice easy feet to use, and chunkier looking than the le prevo ones


Then I got back to the zip


It sort of ended up looking ok, although the strap is maybe a little long, and I cocked up the measurements somewhere because I definitely intended it to be bigger


But overall it’s not bad for an experiment. I have a better idea of what to do now, and the braids are cheap so I’ll definitely have another go when I have time, since I really like the look.

Now I need to decide what to do with the green one I started at the same time…

I think denim straps with green?

Oh, and if anyone fancies it, there are still places at the Weald and downland this weekend for appliqué and embroidery workshops

~ by opusanglicanum on April 15, 2015.

6 Responses to “Baggage”

  1. It looks pretty good for ‘clueless’ to me!

  2. It seems like a great success!

  3. Ooh, nice! Pretty good for an “experiment.”

    (blows razzberries at le prevo….)

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