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the link for booking ashmolean courses is finally live
(I’ve updated the link in the sidebar as well, which has details of dates etc)

I had a think today. I’m hoping to have some pdf patterns and a new kit for sale in a week or so. BUt I realised I’ve been selling on folksy and paying a web subscription for my picklepatch shop at the same time, which is silly because I have to charge more on folksy to cover thier comission. I’m going to spend a full day next week updating picklepatch to include an opusanglicanum section and sell from there instead, it will allow me to offer a better range and more flexibility (For instance kits will come with two options – with and without the basic stitch handout, because if you’re ordering a second kit, or more than one, or you’ve been to a class, you don’t need another handout, so you might as well have a cheaper kit – I can’t do this on folksy because of the listing fees). I can’t rememeber if picklepatch takes paypal yet or not, but it will once I upgrade if it doesn’t already.

And here are some pics from the weald and downland courses this weekend, none finished of course, but good progress was made.

I was actaully a little envoius of the basketry we shared the gridshell with on sunday, it must be nice to be able to finish things in a mere day..






Whilst we were doing medeival applique gareth went out and walked about 16 miles of the south downs way, ending, unsurprisingly, in a pub. I had to drive down many single track roads to find said pub – you know the kind of tiny single track roads where you’re never sure if you’re actaully on a road or a farm track, where you drive along queitly hoping that the road doesn’t end in a huge barbeque pit with six toed yokels gathered round to see who’s for dinner? that kind of road. At least by the time got to the pub gareth was doing a comical geriatric walk for my amusement…

and laid and couched work




and I made a tiny bit more progress on the late unicorn, I got the green couching finished and started the border. If I don’t finish him at classes this year I’ll finish him at home, poor thing.


Oooh, and I fixed that dodgy stone on the gold circlet and got the pearls wired, so I’ll try and get gareth to take some decent piccies of it later…

and finally, some gratuitous kitty spam. They are inspecting a rock. I found said rock in my garage, I think it’s an old lintel from my house that was replaced cos it cracked – gareth is making a patio and was short of York stone, and every little helps. I’ve been trying not to annoy him whilst he lays patio lest I end up underneath it


hobbes likes rocks. they remind him of his brain

~ by opusanglicanum on April 22, 2015.

4 Responses to “courses and stuff”

  1. Hello lovely lady

    Thank you for keeping us in touch with your incredible talents and myriad projects, all of which I am very envious of not being able to do at present.

    Sorry to have missed the weekend, but hands slowly improving – unfortunately they are much better when I don’t sew, which is a real pain in the bxm!

    I wonder if I can ask what the white thread is that being used to outline, it looks like slightly twisted and on a reel, and is on the pink and yellow creature on the dark blue background with the Medieval Embroiderers book in the background.

    Hope to catch up with you again in the future.

    Love Paulette Dudley x

    • I’m glad you’re feeling better at least.

      I think the beast you’re referring to is he dragon of no subtlety, the fluffy stuff is thick silk thread which feels like fuzzy caterpillars, and it’s being couched down to torn a vine which will bear lurid lime green leaves

  2. You have got a lot done – and your students did pretty well, too, I think!

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