Lady with a squirrel

This was originally done for piecework magazine, but I was never happy with her open neckline. However by the time I realised I wasn’t happy there wasn’t time to redo her and still hit the deadline.

The magazine sent her back a few weeks ago, and this morning I gave her a wimple…



And I think she looks nice now, and more medieval somehow.

Since she is now a whole new squirrel girl I’ve decided to do her as a kit. I would love to see her in some different coloured dresses.

I spent all day website wrangling, and picklepatch now has an opus Anglicanum stuff page at the bottom with cards and kits and materials.

I would be open to opinions on it

I’m hoping that link works because wordpress is doing that awkward thing where it won’t let me copy and paste today, which is just precious. Anyway, I’ve also changed the shop link in the sidebar.

you have to purchase postage separately at the top of the page because if you add post to each item the site charges you multiple postage charges if you order more than one thing. There doesn’t seem to be a way around it so it was simpler to charge postage separately – if anyone forgets I’ll send them an appropriate paypal invoice. I still have to go and adjust all the existing pages, so if you want to order anything from them pm me and I’ll sort it.

I have reduced all the prices slightly to account for no longer having to pay folksy commission. The kits are all designed to be used with the stitch guides in the stitchalong( they contain the design specific bits though) so I’ve listed a paper copy of the class handout as a separate item – if you order more than one kit you only need one.

am in a right old grump now, since not only do I hate spending all day on the computer, Gareth very kindly gave me his cold.

I promise there will be patterns for sale soon. I just need to double check that vatmoss is only applicable on direct downloads. Folksy say if someone buys a PDF and it is sent afterwards by email vatmoss doesn’t apply. I need to check that this isn’t some sort of special folksy dispensation they’ve hashed out with the revenue.

I also promise there will be pics of the finished lovers purse soon, almost there…



~ by opusanglicanum on April 30, 2015.

4 Responses to “Lady with a squirrel”

  1. She looks delightful. I hope you get better from your cold soon. I’ve been struggling with one for ten days and my brain is on strike, so I sympathise!

    • What really irks me about it is that Gareth has the same thing, but he never gets the mucus part of a cold.

      Just been trying to find a responsive wordpress theme that I like. It would appear the my blog is going to remain unresponsive…

  2. Beautiful!

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