lovers purse

so, here you go, both side, day and night. Clicky makes big

lovers day lovers night

From a modern point of view it definately looks like I’ve overdone the tassels, so it’s probably about right for medeival.

photos courtesy of Gareth and his very important O level in photography.

I’m thinking these two would make good greetings cards – but the pre assembly pics without the tassels? or with tassels?


~ by opusanglicanum on May 6, 2015.

60 Responses to “lovers purse”

  1. Love it!

  2. Really love it ! I love your ideas. Your not just stuck on patterns, You really make Medieval stitching come to life in the present day. It is a join for us history geeks

  3. The cats have to be my favorite. (In fact, color them black and this could be me and my Hubby.) The details are just exquisite! Thank you for sharing your lovely project!

  4. It’s funny how the longer shot to get the tassels in really makes the shading jump out! You did a really incredible job on this.

    I suspect these would make better cards without the tassels- it might be hard to get the whole thing arranged neatly and evenly within the frame of a card.

    • I think you’re right about the cards. IN the first batch of cards we did one of the other opus anglicanum purse and included the tassels, its always been my least favourite (it sells, but…)

      Gareth hates taking pics of these, he always says it’s really hard to get the gold right in pics

  5. Wow, these are bloody amazing! I love that the cats are shamelessly muscling in on both scenes and the folds in the bed cover are just superb. Really has taken my breath away!

  6. Love the fast asleep tortoiseshell!
    Medieval people wouldn’t “get” Minimalism, would they!

  7. Stunningly beautiful. What a tremendous amount of needlework.

  8. Fabulous! What do you ise for the underside couching? I have tried a variety of metal threads and finres without success

    • the day panel is some antique french stuff I bought a huge cone of ages ago (which is why it’s a little tarnished) and the night side is from benton and johnson, both are couched with quite a thick waxed linen. what particular problem were you having wth your couching?

  9. I love the metallic thread netting on the tassel bases. And the cats. And am awed at the gold background stitch work.

  10. As a heathen savage I love the tassels.

  11. With tassels! I love them, especially the top one with its image from the Carmina Burana. 🙂

  12. Reblogged this on I'm a Writer, Yes I Am and commented:
    Look at these amazing, beautiful things! What a talent (and patience and knowledge).

  13. This came out slamming! *_*

  14. Awesome, truly awesome. I have an urge to make tassels now!

  15. Magnificent! The tassels are gorgeous and it’s all so rich and detailed. It makes me smile just to look at it.

  16. It’s absolutely lovely and there can never be too many tassels.

  17. Superb! Glad you stuck at the finishing even though it drove you made. With tassels, imho!

  18. Either with or without – these are fantastic. I don’t suppose it’s for sale…

  19. how absolutely beautiful! if i only could do that too…….

  20. Beautiful design and exquisite stitching! So, a threesome with kitty… XD

    I vote for no tassels on the greeting card. Caption can be something like “where we are spending our holidays”. Did medieval blokes really wear those caps in bed?

    • I always do cards balnk inside, they’re more useful that way. I think everyone wore a cap in bed, male or female, although gareth had a hissy fit when he saw this first time, he though I had some new bedcap fetish and refused to wear one

  21. HOLLEEEEE COOWWW!!! OMG GORGEOUS! Can I be you when I grow up!?

    • not really, I have no intention of growing up myself any time in the imeediate future, so if I don’t grow up no one can be me when I grow up. If you like you can be me when you go senile?

      • I like your theory and adopt it in kind. seriously..very envious of your work. Just trying to find the “Follow this blog” button on your site but I keep getting distracted as Im scrolling at the next entry of pretty and beautifulness you create. YOur work is amazing and it is what I am striving to achieve myself.

      • there are tutorials scattered about (clickly links in the side bar) or if you’re in the uk I’m teaching a three day course at the ashmolean in oxford on this technique, as well as some one day workshops on other techniques(again, clickies in sidebar) and there is a follow button, but I think it’s slipped right to the bottom right of all the info bits

      • I am unfortunately not in the UK, I am in NY. I so WISH I was in the UK so I could come and learn from you. You have amazing talent. Your lovers purse just has me in awe..truly. I want to make one for myself. Thank you for sharing and being an inspiration.

      • try the litle faces tutorial, and maybe one day I’ll go international, you never know

  22. Without the tassels. But they’re bloody amazing!

  23. Your stitching/embroidery is beautiful. And I am probably asking a icky question but do you sell it??

    • Not the purse ,no. You aren’t the first to ask, and to be honest for something like this purse you’re looking around the price of a decent car. I do have two opus Anglicanum faces, a male and a female, slip mounted on silk velvet and in solid oak frames for around the ÂŁ500 mark, so pm me if you’re interested

      • Thank you – that’s kind of what I figured. I am please to see that I can order a Griffin kit – which I will be doing end of this week and give that try. Not too much problem for a beginner ?

      • No, that’s a fairly simple stitch. Be aware that the stitch instructions are either here under stitchalong or you can purchase them separately ( to keep costs down for those purchasing multiple kits)

      • Btw, if you check the blog homepage I just got some new greetings cards with the lovers purse

  24. Hi… How long did it take you to make this lovely purse… From start to finnish…

    – Birgit

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