Dancing monkeys

I wasn’t going to post the dancing monkeys again until they were finished, but now I am because they’re turning out to be one of those pieces that’s totally transformed by white. I really wasn’t liking them much at all, they looked dowdy, but then



Theyre just coming alive as a stitch the white circles and highlights.

In other news I am currently in love with the depiction of water shown in this c14th manuscript that was recently featured in bbc history magazine


~ by opusanglicanum on May 14, 2015.

8 Responses to “Dancing monkeys”

  1. That water is gorgeous – you could so recreate that!!

  2. The monkeys are really amazing! You are right–the white just breathes life into them!

  3. White magic works brilliantly on monkeys, while medieval super water is just itching to flow into one of your future projects.

  4. I can quite see why the water caught your eye – it looks wonderful!
    It’s hard to persevere when a project doesn’t come alive until the last moment, it is so worth it, isn’t it!

    • I kind of started out knowing that the monkeys would be one of the longest sections of this project because it’s the only bit with a solid background, but yes, it was hard going when they were looking dowdy and I didn’t like them much

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