Tiny sampler

I don’t really get along very well with samplers for samplers sake. A dry accumulation of stitches would just frustrate me because I like to make something. Therefore for the basic medieval goldwork day on Saturday I’ve decided to break with my usual principle of letting people do thier own design and instead set a tiny little project I’m hoping can be achieved in a day. Since I did this in about two and a half hours, I figure students have a chance of getting somewhere in the six hours a workshop allows. I know I’m a quick stitcher so I like to allow anyone else twice as long.



Its not the best pic because goldwork is a bit of a bugger to photograph, and I didn’t want to bother Gareth, so this is from my phone.

It’s meant to be basic medieval goldwork, so we’ve got a bit of surface couching and two patterns in underside, plus some pearls for bling. I figure it’s quite small so could be made into a pendant or Christmas tree decoration- it’s only an inch or so long.

It still needs a rope of twisted gold round the edge, but I’m going to use this to demonstrate couching finished work as a slip during class, so that will be applied then.

Classes for this weekend, as well as opus Anglicanum days, are found by clicking the current courses link in the sidebar->>>>>>



~ by opusanglicanum on May 17, 2015.

8 Responses to “Tiny sampler”

  1. That looks very do-able for a one-day course, it will look good once the edges are neatened, and the students can have lots of fun deciding what to do with it afterwards.

  2. I think it looks doable too, although I’m inclined to stitch, rather than talk when I’m at a workshop, so I may be on the quick side…

  3. That’s really cute and looks so achievable. It really does help to be able to complete something in the allotted time instead of taking it home to join the ranks of the great unfinished…

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