goldwork sampler pendants

A couple of weeks ago I did a small sampler of goldwork for a class at the AShmolean. Then whilst I was there I pretty much did another as a demonstration. So when I got home I decided to see what wouls happen if I made one into a pendant.


So I did the first one with the swagged bits and wasn’t sure, so out of curiosity I made the other one up plain so I could compare. Obviously there was no point asking Gareth what he thought because he hates all jewellery, especialy if it’s gold, doubly so if it’s sparkly- he was making faces just taking the photo for me.

I don’t really wear jewellery much, so I’ll probably sell one and keep the other as a sample.

For anyone who was at class and has finished thiers, this is how I put the pendant together.


First I trimmed the backing fabric to within about3/8 inch, taking the inner layer right up to the embroidery


Then I roughly tacked the linen behiind the embroidery, taking care to get the edge folded in as tight as possible.


THen I took about six niches of gilt twist and began by sewing one end right up the centre back


I looped the twist around to make a bail?suspension loop, making sure to keep the loop slightly to one side. Then I began sewing the twsit around the edge of the piece.




By sewing the twist on from the back, you push it forwards, thereby minimising any gaps between the twist and the edge of the embroidery.


Once I’d sewn the twist all the way around I looped it over again (this is why I sewed the first loop slightly to one side) and stitched it down the back. I sewed the two loops together to make them sturdy.


Finally I sewed a tiny scrap of silk to cover the back. Before sealing the fourth side I slipped a little scrap of card inside for stability.


I got up early to go to work this morning. It was very difficult because someone was hogging my blanky



~ by opusanglicanum on June 2, 2015.

15 Responses to “goldwork sampler pendants”

  1. I think both work, but one looks wearable on many occasions and the other looks like jewellery for a dance costume.

  2. It makes a gorgeous pendant. My preference is for the simple organza – lets the pendant speak for itself. Just wondering what on earth made you think that was your blanky in the first place?!

  3. I would choose the plain one because I don’t wear so many “swagged bits” in my clothing or jewellery.
    But I agree with virtosewadventures, the elaborate version would make good jewellery for a dance costume.

  4. I prefer the simpler one as I dont like fussy things and the other one would irritate me!!

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