Classes went well this weekend. Freehand Elizabethan blackwork went down well, people were nervous about working without marking the cloth, but everyone said they found the technique liberating- which I was pleased about because it’s really all about confidence. Alas I did my usual thing of being so busy I forgot to take pics until nearly everyone had gone home, only VErity was left by the time I remembered.



Verity was over on holiday from Canada, and said she hadn’t sewn much since elementary school, so she did really well. It was interesting that whilst Verity sailed away with the stem stitch she had trouble with the blanket stitch leaves- everyone else found it the other way round. The human brain is a very odd thing!

saturday was laid and couched work trees. Honour chose to do two Bayeux trees, and I was pleased to see some of my dyed cloth used. The patchy blue looks like a stormy sky



Gill, whose name I want to spell Jill like my aunty, did a version of my lollipop tree and had fun with trailed couching



And BRenda had fun with the curly tail on her dragon, who is presumably a vegetarian dragon because he’s going to be nibbling the fruit from the tree



Im hoping everyone sends me progress pics because I want to see how they get on.

And there are still places on the three day opus Anglicanum if you’d like to come.


~ by opusanglicanum on June 7, 2015.

2 Responses to “Classes”

  1. That patchy blue does look rather stormy – it makes a great background, for sure.

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