Zodiac seasons, winter



I haven’t stretched him yet because spring is on the same piece of cloth, but I’m rather pleased with him, even if he does look like Elsa’s uncle. Maybe Elsa’s uncle is the right look for winter? I was especially pleased with the oak dyed wool for his flesh because it looks suitably sallow and pallid, I will use rudder colours for the other seasons. I’ve also decided not to add extra brown around his eyes, I like him the way he is.

I did the north wind in blue and white because it was the closest I could get to translucent in wool. Wool doesn’t naturally lend itself to translucency.

gareth and I are away on a birthday trip to lincoln. Last night we went to a nearby village named after my cat, branston, for a pub meal. On the way here Gareth’s part of the treat was a trip to the conservatory Gardens at wentworth castle, where we found the worlds most hungover unicorn. He said he wanted to come home with us because the gardens had no aspirin, but he still isn’t sober enough to tell us his name?


~ by opusanglicanum on June 12, 2015.

7 Responses to “Zodiac seasons, winter”

  1. That is one fabulous unicorn lush! Loving Elsa’s uncle too. I’d certainly leave him the way he is: Let It Go… !!!

  2. Mr Winter has a very kind looking face. I like him.

  3. Winter looks very kind and gentlemanly.
    You may find Fuggles a bit of a handful when he finishes sobering up!

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