the tale of humbert and his dangly bits

So this is Humbert. Don’t worry, he may look fierce but he’s ‘armless…


Sorry about that, but if I hadn’t done it you would have wondered why not.

Anyway, you see the three berries on the underside of his tail? I have come to think of those as his testicles.

So I showed him to Gareth and asked, “Do you think those are his testicles?”

Gareth looked at me like he usually does, that way he looks at me as if he’s resigned to the fact I’m terminally soft in the head, and said with extreme sarcasm, “Yes, because you’d really store your genitalia dangling on the outside of your body where they could be easily damaged.”

Firstly, I have to wonder if he’s ever looked inside his own pants, and secondly, I think it really shows that when he was a scientist he worked in plant biology, not the animal kind…

Just a reminder that there are still a couple of spaces on the three day opusanglicanum course at the ashmolean, first day next weekend, second in August, third in September. click the link in the sidebar for more info and booking.

And speaking of…well, he says he’s not an animal, he’s people, it’s Branston the blog cat’s birthday today. He’s six, which makes him officially middle aged- not that this stopped him from jumping around like a loon when I waved a toy last night. He had his birthday tuna and now he’s gone to the attic to monitor next door’s fancy pigeons, he says they’re dangerous criminal masterminds. (He seems not to have noticed that they’re actaully so stupid one will occaisionally crash land in the middle of the street)

appy birthday

~ by opusanglicanum on June 19, 2015.

9 Responses to “the tale of humbert and his dangly bits”

  1. Of course they’re testicles. There he is waving them out there on display – couldn’t be anything else! A happy birthday to Branston and good luck with the pigeons. They may be terminally stupid but they’re fast and stupid.

  2. Happy birthday to Branston!
    I must admit, I’d have worried if you hadn’t noted that Humbert was ‘armless…

  3. Oh, I laughed a little harder than I should have at Humbert being ‘armless XD Those are absolutely his testicles–you know how showy some men can be. Your work is as pristine as ever. I love seeing it!

    Happy, happy Branston!!!

  4. Happy Birthday from across the pond, Branston!
    He’s the 2nd cat named Branston I know of.
    Did you name him for the pickles, too?

    • he was named for my previous cat, whose nickname was pickle, short for precious little princess pickled peach becuase of her disapproving look. (her real name was athena, for she was also grey, athena in homer being the grey eyd goddess)

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