sunday stripeypants

stripey pants

Subtle stripes, with some very awkward couching, but at least they’re a change from all the little white circles.

I’m sure there’s a name of these wheeled beasts with cannon-mouths, but I can’t remember it at all, so if anyone feels like showing off what a smarty-pants they are, feel free.

And I remembered to ring my dad and wish him happy father’s day, with the traditional greeting, “happy father’s day you forgot my birthday again you useless bugger” (anything else would just be wrong, I would worry that my dad had been replaced by a pod person if he actaully remembered my birthday)

~ by opusanglicanum on June 21, 2015.

9 Responses to “sunday stripeypants”

  1. I personally would call them “War Slugs” but I’m pretty sure that’s not the real name.

  2. It looks like a truly terrifying beast!

  3. Looks like a “dicke Bertha” or like Purlepaus or like Weckauf….. i cant quite figure out whether this is a male or a female beast. i tend towards male, which means purlepaus or weckauf…….

  4. weckauf and purlepaus were the two huge cannons emperor Maximilian I used to frighten towns who did not surrender immediately…….

  5. thats right. quite cynical to call a lethal beast purlepaus…..

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