lutrell fantasy panel

I’m told his name is Weckauf, which sounds like something he would not so politely request you to do…


I was a bit dubious about him for a while, mainly because I varied the colours slightly from those in the manuscript, but in the end I’m really pleased with him. I’m especially pleased with his face, I normally would use only one colour for a face, but two works well for a grotesque like this.

This roll of the frame is done now, so it’s ready to cover up and move on.

weckauf lutrell panel

The next roll of the frame is a bit niether nowt nor summat. It contains the body of the long leg beast but not the head, and one very small creature, but the rest of it is mainly tops and tails – the top few leaves from humbert’s tail and the lower foliage from creatures above, a pair of feet, etc – but that’s just the way these big pieces pan out sometimes. I must admit I’ll be quite excited to unroll it and take the covers off once it’s complete!

One thing this has made me aware of if the necessity of writing something about splicing and troubleshooting with this technique.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 2, 2015.

13 Responses to “lutrell fantasy panel”

  1. It would add a new terror to warfare if the cannon could hurl insults as well as shot. Although it occurs to me that the gun team might be the ones suffering the most…

  2. The two-coloured face looks great!

  3. Your spitfire is definitely a creature to admire from a safe distance! And I do admire him. A fine face, also the stripes-on-stripes in the blue section give a lot of interest to the large area. I am enjoying the head-body-legs game of this piece of work and am looking forward to the next section.

  4. His face is superb!

    • I was pleased. Theres a big bumface further up somewhere, and I’m thinking I’ll do his face in the same twotone effect, even thoug it will take ages cos his face is huge

  5. He’s a great little creature cannon. I love the stripes on his body and the facial expression is perfect!

  6. Love Weckauf, he is so fun and rebellious looking.

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