You may wonder why I don’t do silver progress pics…

Well, it’s mainly because whilst embroidery can look really interesting in progress, silver mostly looks like dirty scrap metal, see…


Also, these crown panels look a bit empty with a big gap waiting for an enamelled flower each. ( yes, I know, some of the hinges don’t quite line up – there’s still tweaking to do)

I had two full days to work on this this week, but ended up doing this lot today, since I felt so poorly Wednesday the only sensible thing to do was give up. Hence I’ve only done three panels rather than the five I’d been aiming for, sigh.

Branston helped by knocking things off the bench so he could park his fat arse and watch birdies.


~ by opusanglicanum on July 3, 2015.

14 Responses to “You may wonder why I don’t do silver progress pics…”

  1. It may look like dirty scrap metal to you, and be less interesting than twitterdicks to Branston, but it’s something in progress, and therefore interesting. The process is often more intriguing than the eventual project, however much ‘wow’ it generates when seen in all its polished and bejewelled glory.

  2. That’s really interesting to me! I love the surrounds to the settings and am not in the slightest put off by the non shiny appearance. Can’t believe you are so poorly trained as to put things on a bench in the way of where you must know your lordly cat will want to park his posterior!!

    • I’m not putting beaded wire round all of them, I’m mixing it up a bit becuase they vary on the original.

      I keep losing tools because the little snot knocks them down the back of the radiator. Luckily he stays away from the blowtorch because he thinks it’s a dragon

  3. I’m with Sue – anything in progress will be interesting, although I do appreciate what you mean, too.

    Branston must have some considerable charm to get you to overlook some of his less helpful habits!

  4. I really enjoy the grungy half made metalwork pics! Though of course it will be delightful to see the end product too.

  5. I can attest to silver looking like junk metal before it’s polished. I’ve worked with it before.

  6. When I was temping at the Edinburgh Assay office I saw a lot of unfinished silver jewellery. The idea being that it was easier to put the hallmark on unifinished stuff and everything would be polished up well enough later.
    Actually yours look really nice and neat and not very messy at all so congratulations.

    • I always get really nervous sending my stuff to assay, I always think they’ll tell me off for being messy- it doesn’t help that the bloke at Sheffield always rings me up to ask me what it is

      • Naw, they see so much messy rubbish. But it does help if you don’t smear solder all over the piece, there has to be a nice clean bit to assay with the XRF. Sheffield, well, I can tell you a thing or two about them…

      • Because I do stuff covered in stones I always put the solder inside the bezels ( conventionally you put solder round the outside), because often the stones are so close together you can’t clean the solder off otherwise. I was told they’d refuse to mark if the solder was too heavy

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