Ok, so it’s a gazebo and not my lovely medieval tent ( the main university concourse has nowhere to put up real tents) but I still think it was looking pretty spiffy…



Once I finished the zodiac and the Lutrell fantasy I’m going to have to start rotating things.

hazel brought her finished owl from last years workshop along to this years workshop



This is year we did gilded appliqué, (sorry but I can remember names then I have trouble putting them to embroideries, so if you want to claim yours speak up)



This is one will be baby leaf tailed dragon, and we also had his big brother smaug




it was a bit of a dragon day, so we also had curly tailed warm…



And sock dragon, who was finished yesterday



Those two are from the monsters book I got at the British library last month, so it’s nice that’s getting used, the cat book got raided for hazels, which is going to have a kitty playing with the wool from the nuns spindle



And a birdie



Elizabeth’s is based on the same German design as the cushion I made,  not much gold leather on this one because she had to couch the silk down  first



And nd last but not least a geometric design based on a medieval tiled floor



~ by opusanglicanum on July 10, 2015.

12 Responses to “IMC”

  1. Wow, your cubby hole looks sumptuous!

  2. Yes, sumptuous fits your tent (or gazebo) really well.
    The embroideries are also great, especially the rainbow coloured sock dragon.

  3. Sumptuous is indeed the word! And what a wonderful collection of creatures..

  4. Looks pretty spiffy indeed. One day I will managed to come and see it in person (and yes, I know I saw some at the course, but it’s not the same as seeing it at a show…).

  5. Changed the header?

    • WordPress randomly erased my header this morning. I’ve tried putting it back twice with no joy, so I can only assume the system is having a meltdown. I’ll try again later

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