Lift the next flap


I actually finished him on Friday, but I’ve been at the ashmolean being a roman. I did think I’d pop over to Tewkesbury on Saturday but in the end I was just too knackered and decided I needed to save my energy for Sundays roman stuff ( I had a lovely day but I was upset that I’d lost the roman glass willy pendant I’d bought from tillermans on Thursday., I found it as I was packing away but now Jude has it on loan because she wanted to show it to the gift shop lady and to the keeper antiquities who had just given an amusing and informative lecture on roman willies)

Anyway, I butched up his wings and I’m quite pleased with the result.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 13, 2015.

11 Responses to “Lift the next flap”

  1. Sounds like a busy weekend!

    • It’s been pretty much nine days none stop. I resolved to have a day of today, so I went into leeds market for yummy lunch at cafe moor, bought pretty much all the fabric, also got prawns the size of lobsters for dinner, three pairs of shoes( yay rocketdogs with pink flamingoes!). And now Gareth’s in an almighty grump because tk max had polish serving dishes for stupid cheap and he insists the kitchen cupboards are full, which wouldn’t be a problem if he’d get his finger out and finish the kitchen!

  2. Huge feet, l-o-o-ong legs and little dinky wings. He’s certainly a novel creature.

    I am carefully not making any remarks about losing your willy.

    • He gets wierder yet.

      Jude and I were joking that I ought to give it Gareth as a presie, then borrow it back so I could carry Gareth’s willy around with me

  3. Those wings look really effective with the darker edging. You really must keep your hand on that willy to stop losing it…

  4. I would like to see that pendant.

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