I am well and truly hating the new wordpress reader, mainly because I can’t actually read anything, let alone make a comment. Blogs used to open in a new page, and because ipad justifies back to the top of the page every time, if I click on a blog to read it in the new reader I have to start scrolling back from the top all over again. Plus, when I do click on a blog to read it, I’m unable to scroll down and therefore unable to read anything, so apologies if I miss stuff

I did try to go to wordpress forums to find out what was wrong, but despite me having used the forum in the past it says I’m no longer registered. So I registered, and cut and pasted the complicated password they sent out, which it then said was not registered to my user name. I got a new password but it said that wasn’t registered either. I officially give up.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 14, 2015.

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  1. You are not alone! Finding a particular blog to check for updates is maddeningly difficult too! I have given up on it and started just bookmarking blogs I like (after following so the authors at least know I like their work!) and checking them every few days for updates. Takes a little more effort, but it’s way less frustrating!

    • I can’t work out bookmarks in my ipad at all, I’m a bit of a computer thickie and Gareth still can’t work out how I managed to start a blog.

      It’s not just me though, I went on the wp forum after I wrote this and no one likes it

      • Yeah…iPad/iPhone bookmarks are weird. I am currently using a mac so the Safari browser data transfers whenever I sync up to iTunes. I just bookmark them on the computer and let them auto transfer after. Works better that way for me. (I’m not generally a mac user but I’m sure there are work arounds for PC.)

      • it does work better on the pc (still far less user friendly than the old reader tho) but I’m on the ipad half the time

      • Agreed. I don’t like it. I hope they fix it soon.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I follow your blog on I’m rather happy with it (the reader) though I’m primarily a desktop user and have no idea what their mobile/tablet experience is like….

    Also, “Hi!” Been lurking for a couple months, love your work! It’s beautiful and so very different from all the other craft blogs I follow.

  3. *Makes sympathetic growling noises*. I appreciate you may be feeling anti-experimentation, but you might like to try Feedly, which is what I use. I’m sure others will suggest something else, too!

  4. I truly agree with you on the new reader although for different reasons.
    A blank screen with just the text that you want to read may sound like a good idea, but a completely white screen with grey text makes my eyes hurt because it’s way too bright (normal website with white background is ok at the same brightness setting). And if it’s not too bright, there’s not enough contrast.

    I’m only using the wordpress reader for a quick overview if there’s something new in a blog that doesn’t give me a rss link but that I still want to read. It now requires me to click twice instead of once to directly go to the blog. Oh, and the page loads slower with every “new and improved eature” they’re adding.

    I don’t have any hints on how to solve the problem of the ipad not being able to use the new reader. (I’m a computer girl, not a tablet girl).

    Maybe I found something useful while reading the comments to the “new reader announement”: if you click on the blog post title in the reader overview, it opens in the new reader. If you right-click that and choose “open in new tab” from the context menu you go directly to the post in the blog. This also works for any other method of opening links in a new tab. If safari on iPad has such a function, it could be a workaround for part of your problem.

    • I went to the forum and the main complaint there seems to be that if people read your blog in the new reader it doesn’t show as a hit in your stats page, nothing about not being able to read it at all. I’ve ended up having to google peoples blogs when I want to read the rest of an article, which obviously means I’m reading less because I’m lazy. I’ll try on the PC when I’m home later in the week and see how that works out.

      The new format doesn’t seem reader friendly at all, very hard to get what you want

  5. I do have Opus and a few other favourite embroidery sites bookmarked on my computer, but my main ‘feed’ for all things embroidery (and a few other interesting blogs) is simply Megan’s excellent Blogroll on Emsley Rose.

    • I really like the blogroll on the blogger platform, but I can’t find anything similar for wordpress. Alas, just checking Megan’s blog wouldn’t work for me as I follow a lot of costume and silver blogs as well

  6. I rather wish they would stop ‘improving’ things all round. I spend ages finding the old format for posts themselves as the new one seems hopeless with images, which I thought was the whole point of a blog. Modern life is, indeed, rubbish.

    • If you go on the wordpress forums there are no positive comments about the new reader. At least when live journal do new and improved they leave you the option of still using the old format

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