Tailoring Exhibition

so Yeserday I toddled off to the new exhibtion at Leeds city museum, celebrating the history of tailoring in Leeds.

I rather liked the cut of the sleeves on this Viv Westwood coat.

leeds viv

If I were not so horrendously broad shouldered I be tempted to steal the idea, except not in polyester felt, because that’s just gross- polyester felt should be declared a crime against tailoring if you ask me. (Shame on you, Viv)

And there was something very Westwood about the mad asymetrical pleating on this Victorian walking outfit


There was a nod to sleb culture with one of Ringo Starr’s jackets (which you weren’t allowed to photograph). My main interest in it was the size – I’d always been under the impression he was a biggish chap, but even accounting for the skinny 60s fit that jacket was tiny!

Oh, and this c18th suit was lovely, I dont know if you can see from my pic but none of the edges are hemmed. The wool is of such quality you can just cut it with no fear of fraying, which is why if I don’t have time to hem the surcotes I won’t bother fretting about it since the red wool is of similar quality

leeds suit

I also did my civic duty and told two women off for touching a stand full of Westwood couture. They ignored me so I told the guard. Unfortunately the guard was literally three foot tall and appeared to have quite bad scholiosis, so I don’t really blame him for not tackling them. I’m all in favour of giving people jobs, but I think the least the council could have done was to give the poor bloke a taser so he had a fighting chance…Actually I’m in favour of all museum staff being given tasers, come to think of it.

~ by opusanglicanum on July 22, 2015.

13 Responses to “Tailoring Exhibition”

  1. Good for you! I gave several children my most terrifying stare at Fountains Abbey on Sunday when they were blithely scrambling up the walls. It worked and you can’t really tell your mum “That lady looked at me…”

    • there ought to be more hard stares, and when I was a kid if a stranger told you off for bad behavious it was acceptable, now god forbid if you censure someone elses kids!

  2. Time was, you could rely on the parents to back you up; these days, according to some museum-invigilating friends of mine, the parents are at least as likely to be guilty as the kids!

    • these were two grown women, who should have known better. I think the trouble is good manners are old fashioned now – at least they are when people are giving them out, I find the rudest people are usually the first to make a fuss when they get what they recieve (personally I suspend my good manners towards those who exhiibit none of their own, theres no point, because if someone who had just left you stranded in your car by double parking for fifteen minutes is shocked when you give them a piece of your mind, well, they didn’t have any manners when they blocked you in, so why should they expect any in return?)

  3. Although I am not happy about the situation, it gives me a little comfort to know it is not restricted to this nation of slackers. I told a small girl who was kicking the furniture and shouting that she wanted her cake in a cafe last week that she was a ‘rude little shit’. Her mother was too deeply engrossed in her iphone even to notice.

    I wish I could see exhibitions like these – they are few and far between and when they do come along they are always in the big cities and the travel difficult for wheelchair bound people like me. Ah well, I will enjoy them vicariously via your descriptions. More pics would be good…..

  4. Did you work out how the Westwood sleeves were cut? They look fab but I am a plus-size and I don’t know that they would be too flattering … but I would like to know how it’s done.

    • I think it was cut so the top was shaped like a really big bell, and then simply just folded over. I think you’d have to experiment with calico to get it right

  5. Thank you, that is what I thought too from the picture.

  6. I think it is a second piece joined into the back sleeve seam, cut more generously at the head and then sliced off diagonally.

  7. Well – I looked some more, maybe it isn’t in the back seam, but it is a second piece.

    • I walked all the way round it and examined it closely, it’s one piece sleeve – although there may be a piece taken out beneath the fold to reduce bulk

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