Cat presents

Hobbes wanted to make someone a present, but the only things Hobbes can make are hair balls and stinkpods, so he asked me to make this instead


I made it between setting stones yesterday, from scrap silver and copper foil. I’m now tempted to buy myself a gramme of gold so I can make some posher version for christmas.

i was planning an afternoon of sewing, but this happened


and then I heard that Helen next door just got a new kitty (poor Layla died of  fip a few months ago, she was only one) so now I’m going to make a nip mouse to welcome the new nieghbour

~ by opusanglicanum on July 31, 2015.

10 Responses to “Cat presents”

  1. Looks like the silversmithing is coming to the fore at the moment – it’s a lovely kitty!

    • It’s because I have more time to play when I’m not working, but mostly because we have a royal event at Evesham weekend after this, so I need to finish the princess crown and a new outfit for John. I was hoping to make myself a new outfit becuase I have some silk brocade for me, but I’ve decided to wear my striped green dress rather than stress myself out trying to finish extra stuff – I’d rather do less stuff and do it well rather than do lots and be unhappy with the finish. I have been plugging away at the Lutrell fantasy, but not as much, so there’s nothing new to show this week

  2. I can just imagine how it would be to stitch with a cat on your lap!

  3. I like the term “Stinkpods”. I’ve never heard that one before; it has a rather archaic ring to it. And I love the cat brooch; I think you should go for making them!

    • Stinkpods comes from dr xargles book of earth kitties. The good doctor instructs his class of alien schoolchildren that earth kitties eat meatblob mad are very keen on gardening,but not very good at it because all the stinkpods they plant never grow

  4. It’s a great little brooch. Branston is obviously good at providing inspiration as well as distraction.

  5. Bravo. That is all.

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