I did twelve because I figured after all the bother I had with the flowers for my necklace last year I might be lucky and have eight work, so there’s a couple of dodgy ones in there. Next they will be cleaned and mounted to the crown.

~ by opusanglicanum on August 3, 2015.

4 Responses to “Flowers”

  1. Not to mention that you will have spares for repair if it gets damaged by the assorted little princesses!

    • I think the flowers are the bit most likely to get damaged. I’m going to check the market next week for cheap nail varnish to match these enamels, that way I can do on the spot repairs until more permanent ones can be effected- chipped enamel can sometimes be sharp, nail varnish will smooth it over if needed

  2. These look pretty. It’s going to be a popular crown: you may have your princesses unwilling to hand it back to you without screams!

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